Partial weight-bearing now more effective than ever with stapp one

Especially older people have problems to find their way back into a self-determined everyday life after proximal femur fractures. Comorbidities increase with age and physiological reserves are lower than in young patients. ¹ Partial weight-bearing […] Read More

stapp one revolutionizes load management

Partial weight-bearing is often very challenging for patients. The most important but also most difficult thing is to stay within the prescribed load limits. According to a study by the American Congress of Rehabilitation, acoustic […] Read More

News: stapp one Rehab App Launch 2022

The stapp one Rehab App is the innovation of rehabilitation. Its functions combine accuracy, support and usability for a faster and better recovery of patients. The app is currently being tested in hospitals and in the […] Read More

stapp one Team Event

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More! This is also our belief at stapp one. The last team event’s aim was to educate all stapp one employees about the relevance of load measurements in medicine and to provide […] Read More

stapp one and Takeda: Together for joint health in hemophilia

Since May 2021, Takeda Pharma Ges.m.b.H. and stAPPtronics Gmbh have been pursuing common goals to improve patient care for hemophiliacs in Austria and are cooperating in this special indication area. Hemophilia is a mostly inherited […] Read More

stapp one wins Audio Mostly Award 2021

stapp one and the University of Applied Science St. Pölten (AUT) have been working on a very special, innovative project over the last few months: The connection of gait and sound. The resulting paper was submitted […] Read More

stapp one Use Case from the AUVA Rehabilitation Center Häring

Report 1   The AUVA Rehabilitation Center Häring has an interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation to ensure their patient’s health. Part of this approach is the use of the intelligent stapp one sensor soles in various […] Read More

stapp one receives ISO 13485 recertification

  stapp one was first certified as an ISO 13485 medtech company in 2020. We take this certification and the associated conditions very seriously and have once again met the strict requirements in 2021 making stapp one […] Read More

Neurology and gait analysis: assessments more precise than ever

Gait analysis is a crucial scientific procedure in the field of movement analysis. It reveals gait disorders and provides information about the possible source. Until now, objective gait assessments were very time-consuming and did not […] Read More

Network Summit 2021 as an opportunity for digital health solutions

From June 24th-26th, the Austrian Health Forum Network Summit 2021 took place in Schladming (STMK, AUT). With participants from a wide range of disciplines, the future of the Austrian healthcare system was discussed. As a […] Read More

Oncology as a new area of application for stapp one

Cancer patients very often suffer from neuropathy. This disease is a result of damage to the peripheral nerves that particularly affects hands and feet. The Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Christopher Böddeker (PhysioSTA, DE), is a pioneer […] Read More

NEWS: stapp one becomes part of physiotherapy curriculum

photo: IMC FH Krems Digitalization in health professions is becoming increasingly important – the Nordic countries are already leading the way. By integrating stapp one into the core curriculum of their physiotherapy degree, the University of […] Read More

Rapid rehabilitation after trochleoplasty with stapp one

After stabilization of the kneecap by a trochleoplasty, immediate training under partial load is traditionally recommended. An innovative medical product now helps to maintain the specified load limits: the intelligent sensor sole from stapp one. A […] Read More

Innovative rehabilitation of meniscus tears

Ruptures of the menisci often occur in sports accidents, for example while playing soccer, tennis or skiing, but also happen due to simple overstrain. Meniscus tears can be treated both conservatively and surgically. In both […] Read More

Better follow-up treatment of tibial plateau fractures with stapp one

A tibial plateau fracture is a bone fracture at the upper end of the tibia (shinbone). They are classified into fractures of the plateau, luxation fractures and comminuted fractures.¹ As the various names already indicate, […] Read More

stapp one at the 17th WFH International Muscoskeletal Online Congress

The 17th edition of the International Muscoskeletal Congress took place from May 3rd to 7th where stapp one was represented by one of our partners and an informative e-poster. The physiotherapist and stapp one partner Daniel Taubenschmid […] Read More

Gait analysis: stapp one versus treadmill

Treadmills are often used for gait analysis in order to assess the gait pattern or to obtain dynamic foot pressure load measurements. The aim is to have a holistic picture of the musculoskeletal system and […] Read More

Professional handball player Estavana Polman uses stapp one for rehab

  Estavana Polman, who was chosen the best female handball player in the world in 2019 and partner of professional footballer Rafael van der Vaart, suffered a cruciate ligament rupture last summer. After a successful […] Read More

stapp one in a comparative test:
efficiency meets accuracy

We have developed stapp one in order to collect extremely accurate gait parameters with little effort and in the most efficient way. Compared with pure pressure sensor soles, which are considered the “gold standard” in the […] Read More

stapp one goes Germany

stapp one Live Biofeedback © PhysioSTA   As a physiotherapist, you want to offer your patients the best possible treatment. This includes “moving with the times” and making use of new medical innovations. That is also […] Read More

Experience now the innovation in
gait rehabilitation: free live virtual stapp one product demo

Do you want to extend your knowledge and are interested in innovative technology in the medical field and offer your patients the best treatment possible? Then take the opportunity to experience a free virtual product […] Read More

New stapp one cooperation: AUVA Rehabilitation Center Häring

Medical rehabilitation has the important goal of enabling people to return to a pain-free and, as far as possible, normal everyday life. This requires specific therapies that match people’s needs. With stapp one, the AUVA Rehabilitation […] Read More

Interview with stapp one cooperation partner Orthopedic Hospital Speising

As a stapp one cooperation partner the renowned Orthopedic Hospital Speising uses the stapp one solutions in rehabilitation therapy. After working together for more than a year, we wanted to draw a first conclusion and find out […] Read More

Prosthetic gait training with stapp one

The use of prosthetic limbs is proven to help people lead a full and independent life. However, periodic gait training is indispensable to the patient’s mobility and general fitness. With its unique technology, stapp one supports patients […] Read More

stapp one Expert Talk: Interview with Orthopedic Hospital Speising

    Do you have any questions about using stapp one in your practice? We are always at your disposal! Find us on LinkedIn and become part of our community! We keep you updated about stapp one, […] Read More

Correct muscle imbalance with stapp one

  Almost everyone has a stronger and a weaker side of their body. In physiotherapy, it is important to precisely and reliably recognize such limb laterality and start specific training. In everyday life, but  especially […] Read More

Julia Hickelsberger Fußballspielerin

Professional soccer player Julia Hickelsberger uses stapp one for therapy training

Especially in professional sports, injuries are particularly feared. A serious injury means not only pain and uncertainty, but also has a significant impact on an athlete’s life. In such cases a quick comeback is usually […] Read More

Prevent gait disorders in old age
with stapp one

Gait disorders are widespread and can have various causes. Unfortunately, this disorder is accompanied by an increased risk for falls. A fall can require extensive treatment and follow-up costs. stapp one is a sensitive equipment that […] Read More

Early detection of neurodegenerative diseases with stapp one

  Gait assessments can identify certain neurodegenerative diseases. This is particularly useful for elderly people with geriatric disorders. The intelligent sensor soles from stapp one are the technological innovation that supports assessments with objective data collection. […] Read More

New: stapp one workshop for physiotherapists

In cooperation with CIM (Competence In Motion), stapp one is excited to announce the creation of our first training center that offers clinics, physiotherapists and interested experts the opportunity to attend a full day workshop entitled […] Read More

6 minute walking test no longer up-to-date?

Scientific studies now suggest that by extrapolating the data of a 2 minute walking test a 6 minute walking test is no longer required. This means a savings potential of 2/3 of the execution time. […] Read More

IGH wins the Bayer Philos Community Community Audience Awards with stapp one

Every year, Bayer Pharma awards the PHILOS Public Prize for a collaborative project that improves the life quality people with haemophilia.  This year the hämophilia association germany (IGH won the prize with stapp one. Already […] Read More

New cooperation partner: Orthopedic Hospital Speising

In August 2020 the rehabilitation facility of the Orthopedic Hospital Speising in Vienna/Austria has started to integrate the stapp one solution. This cooperation between stapp one and the renowned viennese clinic shows how big the interest in […] Read More

New neurological rehabilitation therapy options with stapp one

Stroke patients often have to relearn many motor activities. This learning requires patience and practice. The integration of live visual biofeedback into therapy supports patients and has positive effects. Simple movements such as walking, standing or sitting, strain the lower extremities and have a great […] Read More

Helping Parkinson patients together with Charco Neurotech

More than 10 million people worldwide suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Gait disorders such as the occurrence of “freeze of gait” blockades often lead to sudden falls. In many cases, this means further injuries for patients, as falls often lead […] Read More

The advantages of stapp one sensor soles compared to force plates (1)

  Analysis – Treatment – Analysis The aim of stapp one is to make movement and gait analyses fast, easy, efficient and cost effective. With stapp one sensor soles, objective bio-mechanical parameters can now be collected and documented in a short time. […] Read More

stapp one takes a step towards robotic movement therapy

Many persons who use a wheelchair wish to be able to walk again. Step by step the stappone co-operation partner tech2people makes it possible. Robotic assisted movement therapy allows a step-by-step improvement of the patient’s […] Read More

Sensorsohlen Bewegungsanalyse

PHYSIO 1.0 breaks new ground with stapp one

“Together to success” is the vision of the PHYSIO 1.0 practice. stappone spoke to the managing director, Patrick Grassnig, about the advantages and possible uses of stappone. PHYSIO 1.0 is a practice in Innsbruck that […] Read More

stapp one in sports rehabilitation

stappone is a versatile movement analysis system, which was also developed for advanced training application. stappone can raise the level of each training session and support it with innovative approaches. Patrick Kasztner, B.Sc. is a […] Read More

Ganganalyse Sensorsohle Bewegungsanalyse

Prosthetic leg fitting gait analysis with stapp one

The stappone sensor soles allow quick and easy gait analyses. Especially useful for people with abnormal gait patterns due to leg prostheses, stappone provides valuable data for practitioners and pain relief for patients. Doctors, therapists […] Read More

The step into neurology with stapp one

The aim of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain natural movement patterns. The optimal freedom of movement and pain should be regained. Since the rehabilitation phase in the neurological field often extends over several months […] Read More

A simple way to book a stapp one online product demo

As an innovative company, it goes without saying that we offer you a modern service to get to know the stapp one sensor sole. You can simply book an appointment for a stappone online tele-demo via […] Read More

The role of gait analysis in haemophilia

Haemophilia is a hereditary disease in which blood clotting is disturbed. Among other things, this leads to spontaneous bleeding in the locomotor system. Therefore, gait analysis and observation of movement patterns in haemophilia patients is […] Read More

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences on Physiotherapy for “Physical Distancing”

Digital Healthcare is an important topic for the FH St. Pölten. This is precisely why the Master’s degree in Digital Healthcare is offered, in which the digital world and health are researched and thought in […] Read More

Does it need a crisis to create a telemedicine breakthrough?

We can always learn from history: New ideas and solutions are often not conceivable under “normal circumstances”. They say: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” But sometimes the inventions are already there in “necessity” and […] Read More

Telemedicine can no longer be stopped!

The corona pandemic has dramatically changed our everyday lives. The entire medical community has also been affected by the crisis. From one day to the next, people were unable to continue their therapy programs because […] Read More

Telemedicine and the power of motivation

The motivation of patients and therapists is crucial for therapeutic treatments to succeed. The emergence of telemedicine solutions, that establish a continuous relationship between patients and medical experts, helps increase motivation in and outside the […] Read More


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