STAPPONE Rehab after Hip Surgery

STAPPONE Rehab after Hip Surgery

We have talked with a patient who underwent a knee total endoprosthesis (Knee-TEP) surgery in 2023 and a hip total endoprosthesis (Hip-TEP) in 2024 about his positive experiences with the stappone sensor insoles and the accompanying STAPPONE Rehab-App during his rehabilitation. Read More

Rehabilitation with stappone

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries: Rehabilitation with stappone Sensor Insoles

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are among the most common and severe injuries in sports. They particularly affect athletes involved in disciplines with rapid changes of direction, jumps, and abrupt stops, such as soccer, basketball, and skiing. An ACL tear can not only impact the current season but also have long-term effects on an athlete's career. Therefore, effective recovery is essential, and stappone sensor insoles efficiently support rehabilitation. Read More

Vorstellung stappone Sensorsohle

A Look into the GIZ Summer Sports Focus Days: stappone in Physiotherapy

Michael Lippitsch presented the stappone system at the GIZ Summer Sports Focus Days 2024, that enhances traditional results in "step-based" tests and saves time by combining gait analysis and assessment simultaneously. The focus days included workshops and lectures on strength training, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. The event highlighted the significance of innovation and knowledge exchange to improve physiotherapy and sports. Read More

Advanced technology stappone sensor soles.

stappone Sensor Insoles at the Weißer Hof Rehabilitation Clinic

The Weißer Hof Rehabilitation Clinic employs advanced technology to enhance patient care. By using stappone sensor insoles, which enable precise gait analyses, the therapy process becomes more effective and tailored to each patient. Read More

Basic and advanced course with Kirsten Götz-Neumann

Sign up now: Basic and advanced training with Kirsten Götz-Neumann

Thorough analysis of the human gait provides important insights into reasons for pain and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system. Kirsten Götz-Neumann, a renowned physiotherapist and author of the book „Gehen verstehen", is an expert in this field. Now you have a unique opportunity to take part in her basic and advanced gait analysis course! Read More

Die Jugendlichen machten Fitnesstests, wo sie währenddessen die STAPPONE Medical Sensorsohlen an hatten, die verschiedenste Daten sammelten.

Digital Health Promotion in Schools

  In an exciting collaboration, Stappone and FH St. Pölten initiated a project focused on digital health promotion in schools. The project aimed to utilize Stappone sensor insoles to identify movement problems in adolescents early […] Read More

Nicole Wesner improves her performance with STAPPONE Sports.

STAPPONE Meets Boxing World Champion Nicole Wesner

stappone and renowned boxing world champion Nicole Wesner joined forces for a video shoot, providing fascinating insights into the world of gait analysis in sports. Under the direction of Tim Bodhi Studios, a video was produced that not only showcased the performance of our new product, stappone Sports, but also emphasized the significance of precise gait analysis in sports. Read More

Insoles for Self-Training in Scoliosis

STAPPONE Rehab Insoles for Self-Training in Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a prevalent musculoskeletal condition typically diagnosed during childhood. Individualized approaches are crucial in treating scoliosis to provide optimal support for patients. This article explores the use of STAPPONE sensor insoles in home training, considering a case study. Read More

Therapy at the junction

Therapy Experience with STAPPONE Sensor Insoles

The DGKN-congress in Frankfurt from March 6 to 9, 2024, provided an inspiring platform for experts, physicians and therapists to exchange insights on the latest developments in clinical neurology. Under the overarching theme of "Toward Personalized Medicine" companies like stappone showcased technologies with the potential to support the therapy of neurological disorders. Read More

Innovative Soles for Neurorehabilitation

Innovative Insoles for Neurorehabilitation in Focus at the DGKN Congress in Frankfurt 2024

    The DGKN-congress in Frankfurt from March 6 to 9, 2024, provided an inspiring platform for experts, physicians and therapists to exchange insights on the latest developments in clinical neurology. Under the overarching theme […] Read More

stappone Messestand am Symposium St. Gallen

Stappone in Physiotherapy: Insights from the Symposium in St. Gallen

On January 19, 2024, experts in physiotherapy gathered in St. Gallen to participate in the 5th Symposium on Acute Inpatient Physiotherapy. Under the topic "Therapy in Transition: Half the Time, Twice as Efficient?" the symposium provided a fascinating glimpse into the ever-evolving world of physiotherapy. A highlight of the event was undoubtedly the Technowalk, which served as a platform for innovative technologies and provided professionals with the opportunity to exchange ideas and solutions. Read More

Treatment of an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament with stappone

More efficient rehabilitation with stappone for ACL injuries

Winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding, are immensely popular during the winter months. However, along with the fascination for these winter activities come risks, particularly injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Such injuries can not only impact the current season but also have long-term implications for an individual's athletic career. In this blog, we aim to highlight the challenges and significance of rehabilitation for ACL injuries in winter sports and how the stappone sensorsoles efficiently support this process. Read More

Erfahrungsbericht über die Anwendung von stappone eines Physiotherapeuten aus dem Landesklinikum Neunkirchen

Step by Step towards faster recovery

Two testimonials from the physiotherapy department of Landesklinikum Neunkirchen grant us insight into the world of stappone sensorsoles, demonstrating their practical applicability and how they not only pave the way to recovery but also provide precise insights into individual pathologies. Read More

Performance Diagnostics and Reducing the Risk of Injury

Functional assessments have evolved into integral tools in performance diagnostics and decision-making processes for athletes making a return to sports. Recent research, illustrated using the Lower Extremity Functional Test (LEFT) alongside evaluations of movement quality, underscores their potential in injury prevention. By deploying STAPPONE Physio among volleyball players from WKV Herrsching, objective data on movement quality is captured using intelligent sensor insoles. Symmetry and pressure distribution data provide valuable insights for precise and individualized athlete care. Read More


Understanding Walking: The Innovation of Stappone Sensor Insoles

Kirsten Götz-Neumann's book, "Gehen verstehen" not only provides insights into the biomechanics of walking but also fosters understandings crucial for individuals with pathological gait. In this context, we delve into the relationship between Kirsten Götz-Neumann's research findings and the groundbreaking stappone sensor insoles, placing special emphasis on individuals demonstrating atypical gait patterns. Read More

Study: Sole sensor technology in neurological rehabilitation

The aim of this study was to determine whether the stappone insole sensor technology could be effectively applied in the routine care of inpatients undergoing neurological rehabilitation. The study was conducted in collaboration with the MEDIAN Clinic NRZ Magdeburg and the MEDIAN Clinic Flechtingen. The findings were presented by Ines Guse, a research associate at the An-Institute for Neurorehabilitation at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, during the joint annual meeting of the German Society for Neurorehabilitation in Augsburg in December 2023. Read More

stappone at DGNR in Augsburg: Focus on innovative soles for neurorehabilitation

This year’s DGNR Congress in Augsburg from December 14-16, 2023 provided experts, doctors and physiotherapists with groundbreaking insights into modern neurorehabilitation. In addition to a wide range of lectures, seminars and workshops, stappone was able […] Read More

stappone at the Sports Doctors’ Week 2023 in Kaprun

  The Sports Doctors’ Week is an annual training event for sports doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists. This year, the event took place in Kaprun from December 7-13, 2023. stappone was on site and took […] Read More

stappone am DGN Kongress 2023 Messestand

Sensor soles in neurology: stappone at the DGN-Congress 2023

Neurological diseases often influence gait and human movement in general. Changes in motor skills can be observed especially in diseases like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. At the  DGN-Kongress 2023, stappone was a pioneer – offering […] Read More

6 Minuten Gehtest mit stappone Sensorsohlen

6-minute walk test mandatory for rehabilitation patients starting 2024

The 6-minute walk test is one of the standard assessments in rehabilitation in the fields of cardiology as well as pulmonology and has now also found its way into neurology. This easy test becomes even […] Read More

Basic and advanced course with Kirsten Götz-Neumann

Register now: gait analysis basic and advanced course with Kirsten Götz-Neumann and stappone sensor soles

Thorough analysis of the human gait provides important insights into reasons for pain and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system. Kirsten Götz-Neumann, a renowned physiotherapist and author of the book „Gehen verstehen“, is an expert in […] Read More

Volleyball national league Herrsching tests stappone in training assessments

The volleyball national team WWK Volleys Herrsching continues its successful collaboration with stappone to support its players with assessments and prevent injuries. The partnership started back in September 2022 and has now extended to the […] Read More

stappone and UAS St. Pölten explore student mobility for a healthier future

In a world where technology is becoming more and more part of our everyday lives, it can also help to improve the younger generation’s health. That is why stappone and the UAS St. Pölten are […] Read More

Early detection of poor posture with stappone sensor soles

At first your left side hurts and after some time pain arises somewhere else in the body. Does that sound familiar? One possible cause is the posture you adopt to decrease the pain you were […] Read More

Foto Frederike Petersen Beitragsbild Stappone Team

New support for the stappone team

We are happy to introduce another new stappone team member. Welcome Frederike Petersen! She is our Patient Expert, part of the stappone Academy and will collaborate on studies to support the further development of the […] Read More

Tibial plateau fracture: Faster rehabilitation and more compliance with stappone

After a tibial plateau fracture, mobilization with partial weight-bearing is a common prescription for rehabilitation. The patient’s compliance (adherence to therapy) is a decisive factor for effective rehabilitation. However, compliance is a particular problem when […] Read More

Vortrag Digitale Gesundheit

Presentation at FH St. Pölten: stappone as a successful example for “Digital Health“

The field of Digital Health offers great potentials and opportunities. The University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten organized the so-called “Zukunftsheurigen”, together with the House of Digitalization and in cooperation with Eudres, the European Hochschulaliance […] Read More

New faces at stappone!

It’s time again for a little update on what’s happening behind the scenes at stappone. We are very happy about our two new team members. Welcome to stappone Martina Eisenhut and Edwé Cowley! At stappone, […] Read More

Measure stride length with stappone

Stride length plays a key role in gait analysis. It is an important starting point for detecting and assessing gait deviations. Until now, in our software solutions, this was only possible by manually entering the […] Read More

A strong commitment to quality: stappone maintains 
ISO 13485 certification

For companies in the professional medical technology sector, the ISO 13485 certification is of crucial importance. It represents the international standard for proof of an effective quality management system. Already since 2020, stappone has been […] Read More

stappone Peter Krimmer und Nicole Wesner

Boxing world champion Nicole Wesner trains with stappone

As professional athletes all know: no training means no success. It is crucial to train correctly and comprehensively to be able to perform at full capacity and avoid injuries. To aid her in this, boxing […] Read More

STAPPONE Physio Videoanalyse

How important is video analysis in gait diagnostics?

In orthopaedics and physiotherapy, gait analysis is an important assessment because it can indicate incorrect pressure load and diseases. It often happens that the actual pain has a different biomechanical cause. The famous gait diagnostician […] Read More

Our new website is live!

Over the past few years, our MedTech solutions have evolved. To keep up, it was also time for a website makeover to give it a modern and user-friendly touch. By addressing our different target groups […] Read More

STAPPONE Rehab Markus Hänni

Partial weight-bearing: How to correctly stay within load limits.

A patient’s review on STAPPONE Rehab After a severe and very complicated tibia fracture with external burns, Markus Hänni spent a month in hospital. During this time, his leg was slowly mobilized with the help […] Read More

Ganganalyse bei Sonigait Studie mit STAPPONE Research

Interview with UAS-Prof. Dr. Michael Iber

STAPPONE Research as part of the study “Auditory feedback in tele-rehabilitation based on automated gait classification”. UAS-Prof. Dr. Michael Iber is responsible for everything that has to do with sound and audio at the UAS […] Read More

Ulrike Turner Sales Manager

Meet our new stappone team members!

A company is only as good as its team. That is why team spirit is very important at stappone. We are happy to welcome two new employees in finance and sales management. People often forget […] Read More

Ambulanticum Herdecke tests stappone: Interview with occupational therapist Vanessa Kretschmer

The Ambulanticum Herdecke offers interdisciplinary intensive outpatient therapy for neurological diseases. For effective help and patient support, the therapists offer state-of-the-art robotics-assisted as well as computer-assisted augmented performance feedback therapies. The Ambulanticum recently tested the […] Read More

New concept for partial weight-bearing and load management in rehab: Now available for IOS users

In case of injury or disease of the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation with partial weight-bearing is a common and effective therapy method. The affected musculoskeletal structures or implants are gently mobilized. However, one of the biggest […] Read More

Person geht und belastet rechten Fuß

What you should know about gait

Walking is a natural and effortless activity that can reveal a lot about a person’s health. Traditionally, doctors and therapists have relied on their expertise to visually analyze a person’s gait. However, this technique is […] Read More

Physiotherapeut mit stappone Sensorsohlen

Effective treatment for supination trauma with stappone sensor soles

A supination trauma is one of the most common ankle injuries in popular sports and everyday life. As soon as temperatures rise, practicing outdoor sports such as tennis and jogging is becoming more frequent – […] Read More

Detecting neurological diseases: gait analysis with stappone sensor soles

  Many neurological diseases can lead to a pathological change in the gait pattern. They can therefore be detected and, to a certain extent, determined with the help of a gait analysis. With STAPPONE Medical […] Read More

The stappone team keeps growing!

Progress is growth. We are happy to introduce our new team member. Welcome to the team Michael Lippitsch. As our new Sales Manager, Michael is now the contact person for rehabilitation clinics, doctors and physiotherapists […] Read More

Physiotherapeut mit stappone Sensorsohle

How to prevent injuries in professional sports: Pilot project with the WWK Volleys Herrsching volleyball team

WWK Volleys Herrsching Injuries are a part of a professional sports athlete’s daily life. In sports like volleyball, the lower extremities, such as knees and ankles, are particularly affected. In a pilot project with the […] Read More

Smartphone mit Rehab App Screen

The Revolution of Rehab:
stappone sensor soles

After surgery rehabilitation is essential! Mobility is only regained through successful rehabilitation. Here, the intelligent stappone sensor soles are a valuable tool. They measure the foot pressure load and, with the corresponding app STAPPONE Rehab, […] Read More

Report from the 40th Berlin Arthroscopy,
Joint and Sports Symposium

  From January 12th to 14th, 2023 the 40th Berlin Arthroscopy, Joint and Sports Symposium took place in Oberwiesenthal (DE). It focused on diseases and injuries of the joints as well as current treatment concepts. […] Read More

How to treat and prevent osteoarthritis?

Stiff and painful joints can be a typical sign of osteoarthritis. Knee and hip joints are most commonly affected, but it can also occur in fingers and vertebral joints. Osteoarthritis usually develops gradually, over many […] Read More

Acceptance study on Parkinson’s disease with STAPPONE sensor soles

  In the study “Exploring a New Cueing Device in People Who Experience Freezing of Gait: Acceptance of a Study Design“ by the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, the use of stappone sensor soles […] Read More

Innovative treatment for proprioceptive dysfunction

Proprioception is an important and complex sensory perception. Simply put, it helps to sense the position, posture, and movement of a person’s body in relationship to the space they occupy. A proprioceptive dysfunction also affects […] Read More

Soccer player of the year, Julia Hickelsberger-Füller uses stappone for therapy training

Julia Hickelsberger-Füller made it – she is Austrian soccer player of the Year 2022! This is the result of hard work after setbacks, such as injuries. In professional sports, injuries are particularly feared, and a […] Read More

How important is feedback in medical training therapy?

The German Knee Society brings together experts from the fields of trauma surgery, arthroplasty, sports traumatology, sports medicine, physiotherapy, and science. To promote research, education, and training in these fields, they created the online webinar […] Read More

stappone is growing and growing

Our stappone team has grown again. A company is only as good as its employees. And of course we have the best. Please welcome our new talented team members Sarah Schönberger, Alexenia Weibel and Lara […] Read More

stappone convinces experts at the Medica 2022

From November 14th to 17th, 2022, the international Medica trade show took place in Düsseldorf – the largest event for the medical industry worldwide. For the first time stappone participated as an exhibitor. During these […] Read More

Precise measurement of gait parameters with stappone

Walking speed is a key indicator of the walking ability. To evaluate the walking ability it is important to measure the spatiotemporal parameters of walking such as speed, stride length and cadence. Until now, this […] Read More

stappone lecture at the UAS St. Pölten

Digital technologies in rehabilitation are becoming increasingly important. That is why students should be introduced to digital technologies as part of their studies and training. To that end stappone Patient Expert Jakob Schmidrathner was invited […] Read More

Smart wearables – the medical products of the future

  Smart wearables are the innovation of the future and have enormous potential for growth. Especially in the fields of sports and medicine, they provide great added value and are becoming increasingly popular. Our stappone […] Read More

What you should know about gait

Walking is one of the most natural and seemingly effortless human movements. A close examination and analysis can give many insights into a person’s health. Until now, doctors and therapists had to rely on their […] Read More

Understand walking even better
with stapp one

Especially in orthopaedics and physiotherapy gait analysis plays an important role. An abnormal gait pattern can indicate disorders or diseases. Until now, objective gait analysis has been expensive and time-consuming. STAPP ONE Medical is the innovative […] Read More

What’s new at stapp one?

A lot is happening at stapp one – not only trade shows and congresses, but also in our headquarters. This month stappone moved to a new, bigger office. But it’s not just our office that has […] Read More

ADELI Rehab Center tests stapp one

The ADELI Medical Center is an international rehabilitation center serving patients from around the world. It specializes in neurological deficits and, in addition to adults, also works with affected children starting from birth. With stapp one sensor […] Read More

Innovating arthrosis treatment – stapp one at the 39th AGA Congress

With age, more and more people are affected by the degenerative, wear and tear related joint disease, arthrosis. The AGA Congress (15.-17.9.2022)  organized by the Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery puts this disease in […] Read More

Intelligent sensor soles at the Digital Demo Day 2022

On the 18th of August 2022 the Digital Demo Day, Germany’s biggest tech start-up show and conference, took place in Düsseldorf. As an innovative med tech company, stapp one participated the show and did a lot […] Read More

„With stapp one patients feel safer“ – Interview with Ronja Wosnik from the Zürcher Rehazentren Klinik Wald (CH)

STAPP ONE Rehab has been tested at the Zurich Rehazentren Klinik Wald in Switzerland since the end of June 2022. In the following interview, physiotherapist, and therapy expert for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Ronja Wosnik, gives insight into […] Read More

Teilbelastungstraining mit stappone Rehab

How do patients acquire STAPP ONE Rehab?

After injury or surgery on the lower extremities, like the hip, thighbones, knee, or ankle joints, it is very common to prescribe partial weight-bearing training. Working with a load limit helps patients to gently return […] Read More

News: stapp one maintains ISO 13485 certification

For professional medtech companies, an ISO 13485 certificate is indispensable. This certificate proves that the company meets the international standards of an effective quality management system. As a company with strict standards, stapp one sought and […] Read More

stapp one attends the 10th Sports Medicine Medical Park Days Chiemsee

For the first time stappone attended the 10th Sports Medicine Medical Park Days Chiemsee (DE) that took place from June 29th to July 2nd. In contrast to past trade shows, such as the therapie LEIPZIG, […] Read More

Welcome to the stapp one team, Jakob Schmidrathner!

stapp one has a new team member! From now on Jakob Schmidrathner  is our Patient Expert and therefore the professional link between the health sector and the digital world. Jakob Schmidrathner is a practicing physiotherapist and […] Read More

Behind the scenes at stapp one: User experience design sprint week

Quality, design and user experience are the top priorities at stapp one. That’s why stapp one organized an internal sprint week on this topic from June 7th to 10th. Constant optimization and updating is crucial in the […] Read More

The revolution of partial weight-bearing: final test run for STAPP ONE Rehab

At stapp one, quality and usability are top priorities. The innovative app STAPP ONE Rehab has already been thoroughly tested for several months in different trial runs. Now, after its soft launch, the app is in the final […] Read More

How to treat osteoarthritis? ORF “konkret” reports on the use of stapp one sensor soles

Hemarthrosis and osteoarthritis are painful joint diseases. In severe cases, even surgery is often necessary. However, with target-oriented therapies, pain can be significantly reduced and surgery may be avoided. As the ORF „konkret“ report will […] Read More

How to use stapp one sensor soles in physiotherapy

Watch the video to find out: How can STAPP  ONE Medical be used in practice? Based on a live physiotherapy session with hemophilia patient Dr. Rene Hüttenbrenner, physiotherapist Jürgen Ableitner from the practice Competence in Motion […] Read More

stapp one event summary: The first online live expert talk in cooperation with Takeda

On April 23rd, 2022 the first stapp one hybrid live event, “Online Expert-Talk: The new prevention and rehabilitation in hemophilia“, took place in cooperation with Takeda. The expert panel included hemato-oncologist Dr. Siegfried Sormann, physiotherapist Jürgen […] Read More

“stapp one enables digital, evidence-based aftercare“ – Interview with UAS Academic Director Prof. Jakob Doppler, Msc.

  On June 10, 2022, the Digital Healthcare Networking Event “build.well.being” takes place for the 6th time. As an innovative partner, stapp one will hold a workshop on 3D gait analysis and motion detection in conjunction […] Read More

stapp one in Berlin: 37th annual GOTS congress

WHERE? MOA Berlin Mercure Hotel, Stephanstr. 41, 10559 Berlin GOTS-Information GOTS-Programme The next opportunity to experience and test the stapp one sensor soles is around the corner! After a successful exhibition at therapie LEIPZIG in March […] Read More

„stapp one can elevate the status of physiotherapy “. Interview with physiotherapist Sabine Schepperle

“As a physiotherapist, you are like a detective – constantly trying to find the cause” says Sabine Schepperle from the Physio-MED practice in Rottenburg am Neckar (GER). To find the cause of her patients’ deficits, […] Read More

Objective visualization of gait disorders with stapp one

(2/2) A person’s gait reveals a lot. Gait disorders are usually clearly recognizable, but first signs can be easily overlooked. Early detection can make a big difference, especially when it comes to neurological gait disorders. […] Read More

therapie LEIPZIG: Interview with the stapp one team on a successful trade show

From March 24-26, 2022, the leading national trade show for therapy, medical rehabilitation and prevention took place in Leipzig (GER). stapp one was represented by a part of its team that can reflect positively on the […] Read More

Behind the scenes at stapp one: data science and a project with the AUVA

stapp one is currently carrying out an interesting project in cooperation with the AUVA – the Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board – assessing the healthy foot’s standard uprolling behavior. The project’s aim is to determine a healthy […] Read More

stapp one sensor soles in practice use: interview with a physiotherapist

One of the areas of application of the intelligent stapp one sensor sole is physiotherapy where it can be used for many different assessments. Whether rehabilitation with partial weight-bearing training, preventive gait analysis or running analysis […] Read More

stapp one in Germany: therapie LEIPZIG – trade show and congress

From March 24 to 26, 2022, stapp one will take part at the therapie LEIPZIG (Germany), a trade show and congress for therapy, medical rehabilitation and preventive care. The trade show represents one of the most […] Read More

Validation study with STAPP ONE Research: Interview with professor Agnes Wilhelm, MSc

Validation study with STAPP ONE Research: Interview with professor Agnes Wilhelm, MSc, at the Department of Health Science, degree program physiotherapy from the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems The IMC University of Applied Science Krems […] Read More

The Revolution of Rehab: stapp one sensor soles

After surgery rehabilitation is essential! Mobility is only regained through successful rehabilitation. Here, the intelligent stapp one sensor soles are a valuable tool. They measure the foot pressure load and, with the corresponding rehab app, provide […] Read More

stapp one & Takeda: New quality of life for hemophilia patients

Hemophilia patient Dr. Rene Hüttenbrenner has had a long and painful journey. The hereditary disease hemophilia causes spontaneous bleeding in joints or even muscles, because the blood does not clot properly. Pain, swellings and restricted […] Read More

stapp one’s success in Las Vegas: Interview with Peter Krimmer about CES 2022

40,000 guests instead of 200,000, bluetooth problems in the exhibitor room and a trade show one day shorter than planned – nevertheless, the CES 2022 in Las Vegas was a great success for stapp one. In […] Read More

Objective visualization of gait disorders with stapp one

(1/2) An unsteady gait or a gait disorder can have a wide variety of causes and symptoms. Treatments usually start with a gait analysis assessed with a therapist’s naked eye. However, the human eye quickly […] Read More

Gait analysis with stapp one: detecting neurological diseases

Many neurological diseases limit ability to walk. They can therefore be detected and, to a certain extent, determined with the help of a gait analysis. However, first signs are hardly visible to the naked eye. […] Read More

„stapp one was crucial for our study“ – Interview with Juan Fang from Bern University of Applied Sciences

In her study “Mechanical Design and Control System Development of a Rehabilitation Robotic System for Walking With Arm Swing“ Juan Fang (Phd, lecturer at Bern University of Applied Sciences) examined a possible design and technical […] Read More

With stapp one at the Annual Congress of the German Knee Society

As an innovative game changer, stapp one was part of the 10th Annual Congress of the German Knee Society in Leipzig and stood out from the big players in the MedTech sector. stapp one’s recipe for success: […] Read More

stapp one goes Las Vegas: Consumer Technology Association 2022

  Booth number: 51134 Intelligent tech solutions have never been more important than today. The Consumer Technology Association trade show in Las Vegas is all about experiencing the next generation of innovation. Among other topics, […] Read More

Rethinking load management: stapp one sensor soles for post-treatment

    The post-treatment recommendations of the Trauma Rehabilitation Working Group / Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Section once again indicate the importance of load management. Load management is essential, especially when it comes to the area […] Read More

Get to know us personally!

From November 19-20, 2021, stapp one will be part of the 10th Annual Congress of the German Knee Society in Leipzig. The main focus is complex knee surgery, where our intelligent stapp one sensor soles play an […] Read More

Limited offer: Try stapp one sensor soles for free!

We’re so excited about our innovation that we created a way for you to try it for free. The innovative stapp one sensor sole revolutionizes physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Our medically certified product is currently being tested […] Read More

Partial weight-bearing now more effective than ever with stapp one

Especially older people have problems to find their way back into a self-determined everyday life after proximal femur fractures. Comorbidities increase with age and physiological reserves are lower than in young patients. ¹ Partial weight-bearing […] Read More

stapp one revolutionizes load management

Partial weight-bearing is often very challenging for patients. The most important but also most difficult thing is to stay within the prescribed load limits. According to a study by the American Congress of Rehabilitation, acoustic […] Read More

News: stapp one Rehab App Launch 2022

The stapp one Rehab App is the innovation of rehabilitation. Its functions combine accuracy, support and usability for a faster and better recovery of patients. The app is currently being tested in hospitals and in the […] Read More

stapp one Team Event

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More! This is also our belief at stapp one. The last team event’s aim was to educate all stapp one employees about the relevance of load measurements in medicine and to provide […] Read More

stapp one and Takeda: Together for joint health in hemophilia

Since May 2021, Takeda Pharma Ges.m.b.H. and stAPPtronics Gmbh have been pursuing common goals to improve patient care for hemophiliacs in Austria and are cooperating in this special indication area. Hemophilia is a mostly inherited […] Read More

stapp one wins Audio Mostly Award 2021

stapp one and the University of Applied Science St. Pölten (AUT) have been working on a very special, innovative project over the last few months: The connection of gait and sound. The resulting paper was submitted […] Read More

stapp one Use Case from the AUVA Rehabilitation Center Häring

Report 1   The AUVA Rehabilitation Center Häring has an interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation to ensure their patient’s health. Part of this approach is the use of the intelligent stapp one sensor soles in various […] Read More

stapp one receives ISO 13485 recertification

  stapp one was first certified as an ISO 13485 medtech company in 2020. We take this certification and the associated conditions very seriously and have once again met the strict requirements in 2021 making stapp one […] Read More

Neurology and gait analysis: assessments more precise than ever

Gait analysis is a crucial scientific procedure in the field of movement analysis. It reveals gait disorders and provides information about the possible source. Until now, objective gait assessments were very time-consuming and did not […] Read More

Network Summit 2021 as an opportunity for digital health solutions

From June 24th-26th, the Austrian Health Forum Network Summit 2021 took place in Schladming (STMK, AUT). With participants from a wide range of disciplines, the future of the Austrian healthcare system was discussed. As a […] Read More

Oncology as a new area of application for stapp one

Cancer patients very often suffer from neuropathy. This disease is a result of damage to the peripheral nerves that particularly affects hands and feet. The Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Christopher Böddeker (PhysioSTA, DE), is a pioneer […] Read More

NEWS: stapp one becomes part of physiotherapy curriculum

photo: IMC FH Krems Digitalization in health professions is becoming increasingly important – the Nordic countries are already leading the way. By integrating stapp one into the core curriculum of their physiotherapy degree, the University of […] Read More

Rapid rehabilitation after trochleoplasty with stapp one

After stabilization of the kneecap by a trochleoplasty, immediate training under partial load is traditionally recommended. An innovative medical product now helps to maintain the specified load limits: the intelligent sensor sole from stapp one. A […] Read More

Innovative rehabilitation of meniscus tears

Ruptures of the menisci often occur in sports accidents, for example while playing soccer, tennis or skiing, but also happen due to simple overstrain. Meniscus tears can be treated both conservatively and surgically. In both […] Read More

Better follow-up treatment of tibial plateau fractures with stapp one

A tibial plateau fracture is a bone fracture at the upper end of the tibia (shinbone). They are classified into fractures of the plateau, luxation fractures and comminuted fractures.¹ As the various names already indicate, […] Read More

stapp one at the 17th WFH International Muscoskeletal Online Congress

The 17th edition of the International Muscoskeletal Congress took place from May 3rd to 7th where stapp one was represented by one of our partners and an informative e-poster. The physiotherapist and stapp one partner Daniel Taubenschmid […] Read More

Gait analysis: stapp one versus treadmill

Treadmills are often used for gait analysis in order to assess the gait pattern or to obtain dynamic foot pressure load measurements. The aim is to have a holistic picture of the musculoskeletal system and […] Read More

Professional handball player Estavana Polman uses stapp one for rehab

  Estavana Polman, who was chosen the best female handball player in the world in 2019 and partner of professional footballer Rafael van der Vaart, suffered a cruciate ligament rupture last summer. After a successful […] Read More

stapp one in a comparative test:
efficiency meets accuracy

We have developed stapp one in order to collect extremely accurate gait parameters with little effort and in the most efficient way. Compared with pure pressure sensor soles, which are considered the “gold standard” in the […] Read More

stapp one goes Germany

stapp one Live Biofeedback © PhysioSTA   As a physiotherapist, you want to offer your patients the best possible treatment. This includes “moving with the times” and making use of new medical innovations. That is also […] Read More

Experience now the innovation in
gait rehabilitation: free live virtual stapp one product demo

Do you want to extend your knowledge and are interested in innovative technology in the medical field and offer your patients the best treatment possible? Then take the opportunity to experience a free virtual product […] Read More

New stapp one cooperation: AUVA Rehabilitation Center Häring

Medical rehabilitation has the important goal of enabling people to return to a pain-free and, as far as possible, normal everyday life. This requires specific therapies that match people’s needs. With stapp one, the AUVA Rehabilitation […] Read More

Interview with stapp one cooperation partner Orthopedic Hospital Speising

As a stapp one cooperation partner the renowned Orthopedic Hospital Speising uses the stapp one solutions in rehabilitation therapy. After working together for more than a year, we wanted to draw a first conclusion and find out […] Read More

Prosthetic gait training with stapp one

The use of prosthetic limbs is proven to help people lead a full and independent life. However, periodic gait training is indispensable to the patient’s mobility and general fitness. With its unique technology, stapp one supports patients […] Read More

Simon Kanzian im orthopädischen Spital Speising

stapp one Expert Talk: Interview with Orthopedic Hospital Speising

    Do you have any questions about using stapp one in your practice? We are always at your disposal! Find us on LinkedIn and become part of our community! We keep you updated about stapp one, […] Read More

Correct muscle imbalance with stapp one

  Almost everyone has a stronger and a weaker side of their body. In physiotherapy, it is important to precisely and reliably recognize such limb laterality and start specific training. In everyday life, but  especially […] Read More

Julia Hickelsberger Fußballspielerin

Professional soccer player Julia Hickelsberger uses stapp one for therapy training

Especially in professional sports, injuries are particularly feared. A serious injury means not only pain and uncertainty, but also has a significant impact on an athlete’s life. In such cases a quick comeback is usually […] Read More

Prevent gait disorders in old age
with stapp one

Gait disorders are widespread and can have various causes. Unfortunately, this disorder is accompanied by an increased risk for falls. A fall can require extensive treatment and follow-up costs. stapp one is a sensitive equipment that […] Read More

Early detection of neurodegenerative diseases with stapp one

  Gait assessments can identify certain neurodegenerative diseases. This is particularly useful for elderly people with geriatric disorders. The intelligent sensor soles from stapp one are the technological innovation that supports assessments with objective data collection. […] Read More

New: stapp one workshop for physiotherapists

In cooperation with CIM (Competence In Motion), stapp one is excited to announce the creation of our first training center that offers clinics, physiotherapists and interested experts the opportunity to attend a full day workshop entitled […] Read More

6 minute walking test no longer up-to-date?

Scientific studies now suggest that by extrapolating the data of a 2 minute walking test a 6 minute walking test is no longer required. This means a savings potential of 2/3 of the execution time. […] Read More

IGH wins the Bayer Philos Community Community Audience Awards with stapp one

Every year, Bayer Pharma awards the PHILOS Public Prize for a collaborative project that improves the life quality people with haemophilia.  This year the hämophilia association germany (IGH won the prize with stapp one. Already […] Read More

New cooperation partner: Orthopedic Hospital Speising

In August 2020 the rehabilitation facility of the Orthopedic Hospital Speising in Vienna/Austria has started to integrate the stapp one solution. This cooperation between stapp one and the renowned viennese clinic shows how big the interest in […] Read More

New neurological rehabilitation therapy options with stapp one

Stroke patients often have to relearn many motor activities. This learning requires patience and practice. The integration of live visual biofeedback into therapy supports patients and has positive effects. Simple movements such as walking, standing or sitting, strain the lower extremities and have a great […] Read More

Helping Parkinson patients together with Charco Neurotech

More than 10 million people worldwide suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Gait disorders such as the occurrence of “freeze of gait” blockades often lead to sudden falls. In many cases, this means further injuries for patients, as falls often lead […] Read More

The advantages of stapp one sensor soles compared to force plates (1)

  Analysis – Treatment – Analysis The aim of stapp one is to make movement and gait analyses fast, easy, efficient and cost effective. With stapp one sensor soles, objective bio-mechanical parameters can now be collected and documented in a short time. […] Read More

stapp one takes a step towards robotic movement therapy

Many persons who use a wheelchair wish to be able to walk again. Step by step the stappone co-operation partner tech2people makes it possible. Robotic assisted movement therapy allows a step-by-step improvement of the patient’s […] Read More

Sensorsohlen Bewegungsanalyse

PHYSIO 1.0 breaks new ground with stapp one

“Together to success” is the vision of the PHYSIO 1.0 practice. stappone spoke to the managing director, Patrick Grassnig, about the advantages and possible uses of stappone. PHYSIO 1.0 is a practice in Innsbruck that […] Read More

stapp one in sports rehabilitation

stappone is a versatile movement analysis system, which was also developed for advanced training application. stappone can raise the level of each training session and support it with innovative approaches. Patrick Kasztner, B.Sc. is a […] Read More

Ganganalyse Sensorsohle Bewegungsanalyse

Prosthetic leg fitting gait analysis with stapp one

The stappone sensor soles allow quick and easy gait analyses. Especially useful for people with abnormal gait patterns due to leg prostheses, stappone provides valuable data for practitioners and pain relief for patients. Doctors, therapists […] Read More

The step into neurology with stapp one

The aim of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain natural movement patterns. The optimal freedom of movement and pain should be regained. Since the rehabilitation phase in the neurological field often extends over several months […] Read More

A simple way to book a stapp one online product demo

As an innovative company, it goes without saying that we offer you a modern service to get to know the stapp one sensor sole. You can simply book an appointment for a stappone online tele-demo via […] Read More

The role of gait analysis in haemophilia

Haemophilia is a hereditary disease in which blood clotting is disturbed. Among other things, this leads to spontaneous bleeding in the locomotor system. Therefore, gait analysis and observation of movement patterns in haemophilia patients is […] Read More

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences on Physiotherapy for “Physical Distancing”

Digital Healthcare is an important topic for the FH St. Pölten. This is precisely why the Master’s degree in Digital Healthcare is offered, in which the digital world and health are researched and thought in […] Read More

Does it need a crisis to create a telemedicine breakthrough?

We can always learn from history: New ideas and solutions are often not conceivable under “normal circumstances”. They say: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” But sometimes the inventions are already there in “necessity” and […] Read More

Telemedicine can no longer be stopped!

The corona pandemic has dramatically changed our everyday lives. The entire medical community has also been affected by the crisis. From one day to the next, people were unable to continue their therapy programs because […] Read More

Telemedicine and the power of motivation

The motivation of patients and therapists is crucial for therapeutic treatments to succeed. The emergence of telemedicine solutions, that establish a continuous relationship between patients and medical experts, helps increase motivation in and outside the […] Read More


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