Helping Parkinson patients together with Charco Neurotech

More than 10 million people worldwide suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Gait disorders such as the occurrence of “freeze of gait” blockades often lead to sudden falls. In many cases, this means further injuries for patients, as falls often lead […] Read More

The advantages of stapp one sensor soles compared to force plates (1)

  Analysis – Treatment – Analysis The aim of stapp one is to make movement and gait analyses fast, easy, efficient and cost effective. With stapp one sensor soles, objective bio-mechanical parameters can now be collected and documented in a short time. […] Read More

stappone takes a step towards robotic movement therapy

Many persons who use a wheelchair wish to be able to walk again. Step by step the stappone co-operation partner tech2people makes it possible. Robotic assisted movement therapy allows a step-by-step improvement of the patient’s […] Read More

Sensorsohlen Bewegungsanalyse

PHYSIO 1.0 breaks new ground with stappone

“Together to success” is the vision of the PHYSIO 1.0 practice. stappone spoke to the managing director, Patrick Grassnig, about the advantages and possible uses of stappone. PHYSIO 1.0 is a practice in Innsbruck that […] Read More

stappone in sports rehabilitation

stappone is a versatile movement analysis system, which was also developed for advanced training application. stappone can raise the level of each training session and support it with innovative approaches. Patrick Kasztner, B.Sc. is a […] Read More

Ganganalyse Sensorsohle Bewegungsanalyse

Prosthetic leg fitting gait analysis with stappone

The stappone sensor soles allow quick and easy gait analyses. Especially useful for people with abnormal gait patterns due to leg prostheses, stappone provides valuable data for practitioners and pain relief for patients. Doctors, therapists […] Read More

The step into neurology with stappone

The aim of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain natural movement patterns. The optimal freedom of movement and pain should be regained. Since the rehabilitation phase in the neurological field often extends over several months […] Read More

A simple way to book a stappone online product demo

As an innovative company, it goes without saying that we offer you a modern service to get to know the stappone sensor sole. You can simply book an appointment for a stappone online tele-demo via our website. The interest in stappone is immense and comes […] Read More

The role of gait analysis in haemophilia

Haemophilia is a hereditary disease in which blood clotting is disturbed. Among other things, this leads to spontaneous bleeding in the locomotor system. Therefore, gait analysis and observation of movement patterns in haemophilia patients is […] Read More

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences on Physiotherapy for “Physical Distancing”

Digital Healthcare is an important topic for the FH St. Pölten. This is precisely why the Master’s degree in Digital Healthcare is offered, in which the digital world and health are researched and thought in […] Read More


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