Does it need a crisis to create a telemedicine breakthrough?

We can always learn from history: New ideas and solutions are often not conceivable under “normal circumstances”. They say: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” But sometimes the inventions are already there in “necessity” and it is only at this stage that we realize how useful they can be. The corona pandemic also shows us […]

Telemedicine can no longer be stopped!

The corona pandemic has dramatically changed our everyday lives. The entire medical community has also been affected by the crisis. From one day to the next, people were unable to continue their therapy programs because doctors and physiotherapist were unable to meet with their patients. Not only did that hinder patient recovery, it also prevented […]

Telemedicine and the power of motivation

The motivation of patients and therapists is crucial for therapeutic treatments to succeed. The emergence of telemedicine solutions, that establish a continuous relationship between patients and medical experts, helps increase motivation in and outside the traditional practice setting. The research project ReMove-it (University of Potsdam) deals with the use of telerehabilitation. For example, patients who […]

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