More efficient rehabilitation with stappone for ACL injuries


Winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding, are immensely popular during the winter months. However, along with the fascination for these winter activities come risks, particularly injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Such injuries can not only impact the current season but also have long-term implications for an individual’s athletic career. In this blog, we aim to highlight the challenges and significance of rehabilitation for ACL injuries in winter sports and how the stappone sensorsoles efficiently support this process.

ACL injuries in snow sports: a common challenge

Injuries to the ACL are not uncommon among winter sports enthusiasts. Particularly in skiing and snowboarding, where rapid changes in direction and unpredictable terrain conditions are part of the daily experience, there is an increased risk of ACL injuries. Skiers often sustain such injuries through falls or sudden stops that put the knee in an unstable position. Rehabilitation following an anterior cruciate ligament injury is crucial for complete recovery and return to athletic activities. The exercises and therapies aim to restore knee stability, strengthen muscles, and gradually improve mobility.

stappone sensorsoles in early rehabilitation: an innovative support

In early rehabilitation, the recovery process can be accelerated with the assistance of stappone sensorsoles. These insoles, equipped with sensors, allow for precise monitoring of the load on the injured leg. Particularly in the early phases, patients must adhere to partial weight-bearing, which can be challenging without aids. With STAPPONE Rehab, the degree of load can be adjusted individually, and patients receive visual, auditory, and tactile signals for over- or under-loading. By utilizing STAPPONE Rehab, rehabilitation can be optimized, and the rehabilitation period can be reduced.

Transition to full weight-bearing with gait analysis and return to sport

As rehabilitation progresses, the transition from partial to full weight-bearing occurs. This is where gait analysis becomes crucial. By utilizing STAPPONE Physio throughout the entire rehabilitation process, physiotherapists and sports medicine practitioners can gather precise data on patients’ gait and load. This enables fine-tuning of exercises and load to ensure that patients are ready for a return to sport.

Conclusion: A holistic approach to rehabilitation

Injuries to the ACL in snow sports demand a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. The integration of innovative technologies such as stappone sensorsoles allows for precise and individualized rehabilitation, supporting athletes’ return to sport. Close collaboration between patients, therapists, and modern technologies is key to a successful recovery process following cruciate ligament injuries.

Stappone’s products assist orthopaedic specialists and physiotherapists in conducting objective diagnoses and providing comprehensive treatments. Do you have any questions about using stappone products? Get in touch with us! We will be happy to help you at any time.


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