The stappone team keeps growing!

Progress is growth. We are happy to introduce our new team member. Welcome to the team Michael Lippitsch. As our new Sales Manager, Michael is now the contact person for rehabilitation clinics, doctors and physiotherapists in Switzerland, Vorarlberg, Tyrol, and the south of Germany.

When Peter Krimmer founded stappone in 2016, our company consisted of only 2 employees. In the last seven years, we were continuously growing. Now, with the addition of Michael Lippitsch, we have more than 20 employees. Michael Lippitsch himself worked as a sports scientist in rehabilitation clinics and with doctors. As an expert, he knows how important gait analyses are in the healthcare sector and looks forward to interesting discussions with doctors and therapists.

The importance of gait analyses

Gait analysis is an important procedure where the patient’s gait is closely examined. The goal is to find anomalies and asymmetries that cause discomfort or may lead to problems in the future. Until now, it was only possible to perform gait analyses with the naked eye and the help of video recordings. With stappone, gait analyses are digitalized and become exact and objective.

In the rehabilitation clinic, Michael Lippitsch mainly performed gait analyses with orthopedic patients. This often turned out to be difficult, as they were mostly elderly patients or patients with balance disorders. “With stappone, mobile gait analyses can be performed, simply wherever you happen to be. It works very easily and takes away the patients’ fear – they just have to walk around and not climb on a treadmill,” Michael Lippitsch explains.

Prevention with stappone sensor soles

Gait analyses with the mobile gait analysis STAPPONE Physio for physiotherapists or STAPPONE Medical for doctors or clinics can draw attention to anomalies and asymmetries in the gait pattern at an early stage on the basis of the exact and objective data. Such anomalies can subsequently lead to pain and deformities if they are not treated. With stappone it is possible to detect them and avoid future health problems or even surgery.

“You are often not aware that you are putting more foot pressure load on one side. The stappone system makes it visible and the live biofeedback improves the quality of the training. This is the optimal way to counteract asymmetries,” says Michael Lippitsch.

The intelligent stappone sensor soles are simply inserted into comfortable shoes (e.g. sports shoes) and measure the patient’s foot pressure load. The soles are connected via Bluetooth to the software on a terminal device (laptop/tablet). It provides live biofeedback and other objective data on movement parameters such as stride length and cadence. This allows gait analyses to be performed easily, quickly and without being restricted to any one location – no need for a laboratory.

Together with our strong team, we are working towards our vision that motion analysis and load management will become an integral part of diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention, enabling a healthier and pain-free life.

Michael Lippitsch’s motto fits perfectly: Always keep moving. Because as Socrates said – “Let him who would move the world, first move himself.“

Do you have questions about the use of STAPPONE Medical or STAPPONE Physio? Contact us! We are always at your disposal.


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