Make therapy visible for your patients

STAPPONE Physio is ideal for self-employed physiotherapists who want to use gait analyses to: 

  • visualize their patient’s therapy success to increase motivation.
  • customize therapy even more individually for patients.
  • make movement patterns visible to patients in real time using live-biofeedback. Patients can influence their movements in real time and learn the correct movement pattern more easily.
  • offer patients a gait or running analysis that does not take place in a laboratory.

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What is STAPPONE Physio?

STAPPONE Physio is a mobile gait analysis tool and consists of our medically certified textile sensor insoles and the corresponding software. Physiotherapists can use it to visualize their patient’s course of therapy. The sensor insole is inserted into comfortable shoes (e.g., sports shoes) and connected to a terminal device (PC/tablet) via Bluetooth. The patient’s gait is analyzed and visualized. At the same time, the patient receives live-biofeedback during static and dynamic exercises and has the possibility to recognize and influence their body’s movement patterns in real time, leading to faster therapy success. The software generates reports that are saved in the patient database. By comparing reports therapy progress can be identified and visualized. 

In addition, the easy-to-use software ensures quick measurements and diagnoses. 

In case of prescribed partial weight-bearing, your patients have the possibility to exactly stay within the load limits alone at home as an add on to the training with STAPPONE Rehab in your practice.

Ready to start in just a few seconds

1. Insert sensor sole

2. Connect to stappone software on computer or tablet via bluetooth

3. Live movement data, clear and easy to understand

STAPPONE Physio Software

Physiotherapeut hält Sensorsohle in der Hand und betrachtete diese

The sensor insole technology

stappone sensor insoles feature a worldwide unique sensor technology, where all electronic components are fully integrated into the sensor sole. Our patented and worldwide unique textile pressure sensor technology is unrivalled when it comes to durability. 

Together with a memory capacity of 256 MB, gyroscope, magnetometer, and acceleration sensors, it forms an incomparable added value in load management and rehabilitation. 

More about technology


STAPPONE Physio advantages

Objective documentation of biomechanical parameters
Visualize and measure therapy success
Faster rehabilitation
Increased patient motivation with live-biofeedback and documentation of the therapy progress

STAPPONE Physio features

STAPPONE Physio Features: wireless operation, video synchronisation, reports

Physiotherapist next to STAPPONE Physio suitcase with sensor insoles

STAPPONE Physio product package

  • Product case with integrated chargers
  • 12 pairs of sensor sockets (size EU36 – EU47), easy to disinfect for multiple use
  • STAPPONE Physio software
  • Starter Guide

Possible areas of application for gait analysis

  • Pre- and postoperative for trauma of the lower extremities
  • Meniscus lesions 
  • Injuries of ligament structures (e.g., rupture of anterior cruciate ligament, supination trauma)
  • Fractures of the lower extremities (surgical and conservative treatment)
  • Tendon problems (e.g., Achillodynia, mb. Osgood-Schlatter)
  • Realignment osteotomies (leg axis correction)
  • Complex foot reconstructions
  • Arthrosis
  • Total endoprosthesis (hip and knee)
  • Hallux valgus operations
  • Foot deformities (splayfoot, bent foot and flat foot)
  • Insult
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Incomplete paraplegia
  • Ataxia
  • Nerve lesions

Our tip

For physiotherapy centres that already use our system, our sensor soles are refinanced as follows:

  1. Gait analyses (e.g. gross EUR 120,-)
  2. Extra charge for actual state analyses and demonstration of therapy success based on standard tests such as 10m walking test (e.g. gross EUR 50,- per patient over the entire therapy)
  3. Extra charge for activities as in point (2) plus live-biofeedback training (e.g. gross EUR 75,- per patient over the entire therapy)
  4. Live-biofeedback training in practice without supervision (e.g. gross EUR 24,-/hour)

In combination with STAPPONE Rehab the patient can additionally perform exercises and partial weight-bearing at home via app on their smartphone. STAPPONE Rehab also creates reports that your patient can send to you. This training can reduce the rehabilitation time by 25%.


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The stappone solutions are an enormous help for our daily work with patients!

CIM – Competence in Motion

vl.n.r. Emanuel Reiter, Osteopath & Physiotherapist; Daniel Taubenschmid, Sports Physiotherapeut and Jürgen Ableitner, Sports Physiotherapist & Sports Scientist


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