Early detection of poor posture with stappone sensor soles

At first your left side hurts and after some time pain arises somewhere else in the body. Does that sound familiar? One possible cause is the posture you adopt to decrease the pain you were experiencing in the first place. However, this poor posture and incorrect pressure load while walking leads to further problems in the musculoskeletal system. To prevent these problems, a gait analysis is recommended.

Backpain is a classic example of problems triggered by poor posture.

A bad posture can usually be traced back to incorrect pressure load, which is difficult to detect with the naked eye. However, early detection can be a decisive factor in preventing pain and secondary problems. A gait analysis with stappone sensor soles can help.

Gait analysis to visualize poor posture

„Muscle imbalances are not visible unless they rise with noticeable symptoms. Starting treatments for the imbalance in its latter stages will cause individuals to handle more developed neurological and physical dysfunction.“¹

With stappone, incorrect pressure load can be visualized quickly, easily, and objectively as part of a gait analysis. In this way, it is not only detected at an early stage, but the patient’s compliance can also be increased. With the help of the visual live biofeedback, patients understand exactly where they put too much, or too little pressure and changes are clearly seen. The reports that the stappone products provide after each assessment give objective insights and motivate patients.

Gait analysis with stappone

The stappone products consist of the intelligent stappone sensor soles and, depending on the product, the corresponding software on a terminal device (STAPPONE Medical, STAPPONE Physio). The soles measure the patient’s foot pressure load and provide visual live biofeedback on the foot pressure load and other movement-relevant parameters.

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¹Tennakoon, Hiranthi & Paranamana, Charitha & Weerasinghe, Maheshya & Sandaruwan, Damitha & Mahindaratne, Kalpani. (2017). An ice oriented approach to identify imbalances of lower body musculoskeletal system via gait and posture analysis using kinect.. International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science. Vol. 5, No. 6, pp. 1-10, December 2017.




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