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We are happy to introduce another new stappone team member. Welcome Frederike Petersen! She is our Patient Expert, part of the stappone Academy and will collaborate on studies to support the further development of the stappone products with her professional knowledge in physiotherapy.

After graduating in physiotherapy with integrated training, Frederike Petersen worked as a physiotherapist in a German neurorehabilitation center. Doing that, her interest in the technical aspect of assistive devices increased and she decided to pursue a master’s degree in healthcare and rehabilitation technology in Vienna in 2021.

As a trained physiotherapist and specialist, she quickly recognized the importance of stappone for the medical technology market and its potential in the field of rehabilitation. The intelligent stappone sensor soles are inserted into comfortable shoes to measure the foot pressure load of patients. The corresponding software visualizes live biofeedback on pressure load as well as other movement-relevant parameters on a PC, laptop, or tablet (STAPPONE Physio, STAPPONE Medical, STAPPONE Research). The product STAPPONE Rehab is particularly useful for load management training (partial weight-bearing) after injuries or operations. It also consists of intelligent sensor soles in combination with an app.

Better health through movement

Frederike Petersen appreciates stappone’s innovative approach and vision that motion, gait analysis and partial weight-bearing will become an essential, indispensable component in prevention, diagnosis, and rehabilitation to ensure a healthy and pain-free life for patients.

Due to her knowledge and experience, she is also a valuable member of the stappone Academy, where digital learning content, further training, etc. is available for physicians, therapists, and patients.

Frederike Petersen likes to spend her free time doing sports like triathlon, beach volleyball, dancing or climbing, cycling, hiking, or simply going for a walk catching fresh air. Afterwards, a piece of homemade cake and a good book and her day is perfect.

Her motto: Sport every day, keeps the doctor away.

We are looking forward to a great collaboration!


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