The revolution of rehabilitation

STAPPONE Rehab is ideal for patients who have been prescribed partial weight-bearing and:

  • need to maintain load limits at home during everyday walking.
  • want to have the confidence to perform the prescribed exercises correctly at home.
  • want to return to their daily life more quickly.

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What is STAPPONE Rehab?

STAPPONE Rehab is the innovative solution for maintaining prescribed partial weight-bearing load limits in rehabilitation. The product consists of our unique, durable textile sensor insole and the corresponding app. The sensor insole connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and can be operated in a user-friendly manner via the STAPPONE Rehab app. The sensor insoles are simply inserted into the patient’s comfortable shoes (e.g. sports shoes). 

The prescribed load limit can be set directly on the smartphone. With STAPPONE Rehab patients have the unique opportunity to track the load on their injured leg at any time and receive a visual, haptic and acoustic live-biofeedback in case of under- or overload. With STAPPONE Rehab, patients are able to exactly maintain their partial weight-bearing, which can reduce the rehabilitation time by up to 25%.

1. Insert sensor sole

2. Download the app in the Google Play Store and connect to the sensor soles

3. Set the partial load prescription

4. Get notified in case of under- or overload

Patient sets partial load in the STAPPONE Rehab app using an analog scale


The app STAPPONE Rehab signals under- and overload to patients at any time and independent of location – at home, at work or on the go. The stappone sensor soles are simply connected via Bluetooth to the STAPPONE Rehab app on an Android smartphone. After the sensor soles have been adjusted to the patient’s weight and the prescribed load limit has been set, patients can immediately start their rehabilitation with STAPPONE Rehab.


Patients are continuously informed about under- and overloads of their injured leg by visual, haptic, and acoustic live-biofeedback. The load limits can be freely set and adapted.


After each activity, a report is automatically generated. It contains information about the load limit compliance and a graphic evaluation of the data. This can be sent directly to the attending medical or therapist.

The technology

stappone sensor insoles have a worldwide unique sensor technology. The textile pressure sensor technology, which is integrated over the entire surface, is unrivalled when it comes to durability. All electronic components are fully integrated into the sensor sole. Together with a memory capacity of 256 MB, gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometers, it provides incomparable added value in load management and rehabilitation.

More about technology

STAPPONE Rehab Advantages

Quicker return to everyday life
Quicker return to everyday life
Control pressure load any time
Control pressure load any time
Safety in training and everyday life
Safety in training and everyday life
Reduced risk of re-injury
Reduced risk of re-injury

Your rehabilitation with STAPPONE Rehab

Graphic shows the process of rehabilition with STAPPONE Rehab

STAPPONE Rehab Product Package

Contents of the STAPPONE Rehab product package, sensor soles, chargers and cables, app, quick start guide.

The STAPPONE Rehab product package includes a pair of sensor soles for measuring foot pressure load, which are inserted directly into the patient’s shoe. The sole is equipped with 12 pressure sensor fields to provide live-biofeedback. It is available in sizes EUR36 to EUR47 and fits into any comfortable shoe (e.g. sports shoe).

In addition to the sensor soles, STAPPONE Rehab includes two chargers and a USB-C to USB cable. The stappone sensor soles are charged inductively with the integrated charging coils. To do so, the chargers are simply placed over the heel section of the sole.

The STAPPONE Rehab app can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store  or APP Store. Currently, the app supports all systems starting with Android 7 and newer and IOS 16.0 and newer. An active internet connection, Bluetooth and GPS are required to use the soles. 

How do I get STAPPONE Rehab?

Graphic shows how patients receive STAPPONE Rehab


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