Interview with stapp one cooperation partner Orthopedic Hospital Speising

As a stapp one cooperation partner the renowned Orthopedic Hospital Speising uses the stappone solutions in rehabilitation therapy. After working together for more than a year, we wanted to draw a first conclusion and find out how rehabilitation therapy with the intelligent stappone sensor soles is working out.

For this reason, we met Simon Kanzian, deputy head of the physiotherapy department at the Orthopedic Hospital Speising. He emphasizes the importance of innovative technologies in medicine. His department, as well as the entire hospital, always strives to provide the best possible treatment for their patients.

The medical innovation

With the intelligent sensor soles from stappone and the corresponding medical software, gait analyses can be carried out very easily and everywhere. The live biofeedback enables the immediate visualization of foot load and pressure distribution as well as the body’s center of gravity.

These functions give us advantages in therapy, explains Simon Kanzian. “We use stappone in our acute geriatrics and there especially for fall prevention. That means we let the patients walk a certain distance and observe the shift of the center of gravity and the step length, […] in order to detect a certain risk of falling. Secondly we use it in rehab […] mostly for exercises,” explained the expert in the interview.

Higher patient motivation

In the Orthopedic Hospital Speising stappone is especially used for patients with cruciate ligament injuries. Kanzian explains that these are often young patients who at the beginning are usually hesitant to put weight on the operated leg. Especially here stappone provides a great support. Patients can objectively monitor their own foot pressure load on the tablet using the live biofeedback. They also have the possibility to accurately distribute the pressure load between the right and left leg.

According to Kanzian, stappone is very well received by patients. The sensor soles use different colors to visualize the foot pressure load. This keeps it clear and simple and therefore easy to understand for our patients.

Short training, immediate application

Simon Kanzian had a positive experience with stappone right from the start: “The software is very intuitive. We had an hour of training at the beginning and then we could start using it right away.”

Watch the full interview with Simon Kanzian here.


We at stappone are pleased about the successful and productive cooperation with the Orthopedic Hospital Speising. Are you also interested in a cooperation or have questions about the use of stappone? Please contact us! We are always at your disposal.

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