stappone lecture at the UAS St. Pölten

Digital technologies in rehabilitation are becoming increasingly important. That is why students should be introduced to digital technologies as part of their studies and training. To that end stappone Patient Expert Jakob Schmidrathner was invited to lecture at the FH St. Pölten for participants of the course “Active Rehabilitation“.

UASST. Pölten’s Master’s program GAIT – Gait Analysis and Rehabilitation teaches comprehensive know-how and expertise from various professional groups. Part of the course curriculum includes research on gait-related issues and innovations. The head of the master’s course, UAS Prof. Barbara Wondrasch, PT PhD, invited Jakob Schmidrathner to talk about the stappone sensor sole in rehabilitation and to present the innovative solutions.

Rehabilitation of the future

The stappone solutions are a valuable and innovative support in rehabilitation. They are simply inserted into comfortable shoes and measure the foot pressure load of patients.

STAPPONE Physio  consists of the sensor soles and the corresponding software, which provides visual live biofeedback and other gait-relevant parameters on a tablet or computer. The course of therapy can be visualized and measured, and as a result the patient is also more motivated.

The product STAPPONE Rehab consists of the intelligent stappone sensor soles and the corresponding app and supports patients in complying with the prescribed load limits at home. The app is downloaded from the Play Store onto a smartphone and connected to the stappone sensor soles. After the prescribed load limit has been set, the app provides visual, acoustic and/or haptic feedback in the event of under- or overload. This allows patients to always adhere to their load limits, even in everyday life. When used correctly it can reduce rehabilitation time by 25%.

But stappone is also a valuable tool for research. The STAPPONE Research product has already proven to be a valuable support when validating research studies.

stappone at the UAS St. Pölten

During his lecture at the UAS St. Pölten, Jakob Schmidrathner spoke about the clinical relevance of the stappone solutions. Of course, the students were also allowed to test STAPPONE Physio in practice and acquire first-hand knowledge of its many applications and benefits. Furthermore, they also worked out practical patient examples. “It is important that young people are familiarized with digital innovations in the rehabilitation sector and that these are integrated into their studies and training,” says Jakob Schmidrathner.

The lecture was a great success and another step in the revolution of rehabilitation.

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