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STAPPONE Rehab – partial weight-bearing

The revolution of rehabilitation! Easily stay within your prescribed partial weight-bearing limits at all times wich can reduce the rehabilitation time up to 25%.

Note: Deliveries only possible in Austria and Germany. If you are ordering from another country, please use the button “Contact us now” and “Request” – thank you.

STAPPONE Medical – gait analysis

For objective diagnoses in neurology and orthopedics. Perform gait analyses quickly and easily at any time!

STAPPONE Physio – gait analysis

Visualize the therapy process for faster therapy success! Patients receive live biofeedback during static and dynamic exercises, recognize their body’s movement patterns and can influence them in real time.

STAPPONE Research – gait analysis

Efficient gait analysis without a gait lab! STAPPONE Research provides objective data for your research project – fast and easy to use and evaluate.


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