How to prevent injuries in professional sports: Pilot project with the WWK Volleys Herrsching volleyball team

Physiotherapist with stappone sensor sole

WWK Volleys Herrsching

Injuries are a part of a professional sports athlete’s daily life. In sports like volleyball, the lower extremities, such as knees and ankles, are particularly affected. In a pilot project with the WWK Volleys Herrsching (DE)  is currently investigating how stappone can be used to prevent injuries in professional sports.

Christopher Böddeker, the WWK Volleys Herrsching team’s physiotherapist, has been using STAPPONE Physio in his practice for more than a year now. Since many of the volleyball players have health problems due to injuries, the idea to test stappone for preventive use in professional sports was born. After all, many injuries happen due to incorrect pressure load in the wrong moments.

The testings

In the first run, four players of the first team were tested. stappone Patient Expert Jakob Schmidrathner and our new Sales Manager Michael Lippitsch created an individual test battery for volleyball players consisting of different jumps – double-legged, vertical and horizontal. The jump and the landing were examined, as well as the distance and height of the jumps.

For this purpose, the intelligent stappone sensor soles were placed in the players’ sports shoes. They measure the foot pressure load and the corresponding software provides live biofeedback using a heat map, as well as other objective data on movement-relevant parameters, such as the jumping distance. STAPPONE Physio is wireless and therefore flexible in its use.

Prevention in professional sports

stappone as a pilot project in professional sports at the WWK Volleys Herrsching. The status quo of each athlete was determined by a gait analysis, movement analysis by means of pressure distribution and including the injury history. Based on this, a 6-week intervention method (training) with the stappone sensor sole was created. The athletes receive a live biofeedback with stappone during the training and can therefore internalize the correct pressure load and then automatically do it right during the game. This minimizes the risk of injury. Not only he trainer and physiotherapist benefit, but of course also of the players themselves.

We will publish the results within the next months – stay tuned!

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