PHYSIO 1.0 breaks new ground with stappone

“Together to success” is the vision of the PHYSIO 1.0 practice. stappone spoke to the managing director, Patrick Grassnig, about the advantages and possible uses of stappone.

PHYSIO 1.0 is a practice in Innsbruck that offers a comprehensive range of medical services. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation training and group courses are just a few of the extensive options. “In the beginning there was the idea of ​​taking physiotherapy to a new level”, Patrick Grassnig explains his step towards the foundation of Physio 1.0 7 years ago. The result is a center of excellence for specialists from a wide range of medical and non-medical partners, with the focus on delivering high quality treatment. In the area of ​​movement analysis and therapy, stappone is the ideal support partner and contributes significantly to the overall success of patient treatment.

Feel-good factor coupled with high quality treatment

Patrick Grassnig used to be a passionate cyclist. Through sport he came into contact with a lot of therapists who inspired him to become a physiotherapist himself. Specifically, it was the close collaboration with patients that was the main incentive for him to become a physiotherapist. The wide field of activity and the opportunity to help people was appealing to him. With the foundation of PHYSIO 1.0, Patrick Grassnig broke new ground and Physio 1.0 provides high quality treatments for many different athletes from various team sports in 3 locations.

Patrick Grassnig is always on the lookout for new, innovative opportunities that further improve the quality of the services it offers. We did the following short interview with him.


How did you find out about stappone?
On Facebook. I was drawn to stappone because I am always open to new things and wanted to learn more about the technology.

What initially impressed you about stappone?
I was thrilled by the idea that there was an easy, in practice, way to measure various exercises and assessments that are usually carried out on force measurement plates. I don’t like cables and the idea of installing a force plate in the ground was not an option for us. stappone opens up many other possibilities for motion analysis and is also easy to use.

Where do you see possible applications for stappone in your practice?
With stappone there are numerous possible uses. Especially when improving the postoperative gait and movement pattern. For example, each exercise shows the foot pressure load and the center of gravity. Thereby an even more efficient therapy intervention can take place on the basis of objective measurement parameters.

How do you think stappone helps patients?
With this technology I can prove objectively what I see and perceive as a physiotherapist. stappone offers live view and video control. The data can be processed together with the patient and analyzed if necessary. Thanks to the visual processing, our patients can understand more quickly where there are deficits and what should be done differently if necessary. stappone helps us truly live our motto: “Together to success!”

Why would you recommend stappone to your professional colleagues?
Because of the objectification of various parameters in physiotherapy and training therapy. Another point is its simple in practice handling. stappone is completely mobile and can be used anywhere. Many relevant movement data can be collected, which support the daily physiotherapeutic work, but also provide motivation and thus added value for our patients.

Thank you to Patrick Grassnig for talking to us.


PHYSIO 1.0 – Patrick Grassnig


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