stappone at the Sports Doctors’ Week 2023 in Kaprun


The Sports Doctors’ Week is an annual training event for sports doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists. This year, the event took place in Kaprun from December 7-13, 2023. stappone was on site and took the opportunity to discuss current developments in sports medicine with other experts and exchange views on the relevance of gait analysis in the sports sector.

The Sports Doctors’ Week impressed participants with a wide-ranging program. In addition to lectures on current topics in sports medicine, there were practical seminars and sporting events. For example, there was a beach volleyball tournament and skiing together.

stappone soles for gait analysis in sport

stappone soles are an innovative method of gait analysis that is also suitable for sports medicine, as they enable a detailed analysis of athletes’ economy of movement. The soles are equipped with sensors that collect data about the athlete’s gait. This data can then be used to diagnose movement restrictions or to monitor training progression.

stappone sensor soles are very easy to use and can be inserted directly into normal shoes. This makes them accessible to sports physicians and athletes alike. stappone soles can record a variety of parameters, including stride length, stride frequency, ground contact time and pressure distribution. This data can be used to diagnose movement restrictions, monitor training progress and optimize performance.

In addition, the stappone soles prove to be an effective means of injury prevention. Their use enables the early detection of movement restrictions that could potentially lead to injury. Through targeted interventions based on these findings, preventive measures can be taken to minimize the risk of injury and promote the long-term health of athletes.

stappone soles for rehabilitation

stappone insoles also play an important role in the field of rehabilitation. They serve as a monitoring tool to closely monitor the rehabilitation process after injuries. The continuous analysis of load and movement makes it possible to assess the progress of recovery and adjust the rehabilitation program if necessary. In this way, the soles help to ensure efficient and targeted rehabilitation and optimally support the athlete’s return to sport.


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