stappone at DGNR in Augsburg: Focus on innovative soles for neurorehabilitation

This year’s DGNR Congress in Augsburg from December 14-16, 2023 provided experts, doctors and physiotherapists with groundbreaking insights into modern neurorehabilitation. In addition to a wide range of lectures, seminars and workshops, stappone was able to make numerous contacts and hold interesting discussions at the industrial exhibition.

stappone intelligent soles: A breakthrough for neurorehabilitation

Gait is extremely important in the rehabilitation of neurological disorders. Thanks to advanced sensor technology and the associated software, the intelligent soles from stappone enable modern and wireless gait analysis and thus offer decisive advantages in the field of neurorehabilitation. By accurately recording temporal and spatial gait analysis parameters, the technology provides a precise representation of the individual gait pattern. This is not only relevant for the analysis of patients’ gait disorders, but also enables an objective assessment of progress during rehabilitation.

Gait analysis and therapy optimization

The gait analysis data that is collected enables doctors and therapists to make a well-founded and objective diagnosis and allows the creation of customized therapy plans. Continuous monitoring during therapy offers the opportunity to document the course of therapy and adjust if necessary. This leads to more effective and precise neurorehabilitation that is geared towards the individual needs of the patient.

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