Professional handball player Estavana Polman uses stapp one for rehab


Estavana Polman, who was chosen the best female handball player in the world in 2019 and partner of professional footballer Rafael van der Vaart, suffered a cruciate ligament rupture last summer. After a successful surgery, she is now undergoing intensive rehab in order to return to play as soon as possible. The intelligent sensor sole from stapp one plays a key role in achieving this goal.

Unfortunately, injuries such as cruciate ligament ruptures are one of the main risks when it comes to professional sports. Such an injury is not only painful, but also has a considerable impact on one’s life. Especially for professional athletes like Estavana Polman. After surgery, rehab was the next hurdle for the top player to overcome. The innovative sensor sole from stappone plays a crucial part in her therapy. It measures the patient’s foot pressure load and the correspondent medical software enables analyses and live-biofeedback for medical experts and patients – all wireless and versatile in its use.

Target-oriented progress measurement

Especially for professional athletes, it is important to be able to evaluate the rehabilitation progress as objectively as possible. They should be rehabilitated to the point where they can resume training free of pain and without recurrent injuries.

If stappone’s intelligent sensor soles are used during exercises, the resulting objective movement data can be used to measure and record the progress of the training process. In addition, live-biofeedback gives Estavana Polman the opportunity to correct herself during physiotherapeutic exercises and ‘playfully’ relearn the feeling of the correct weight-bearing.

Objective data for objective assessments

Physiotherapist Sven Köhler supports professional athlete Estavana Polman on her way back to the handball court. Together with the attending physicians, it is his his responsibility to decide when Estavana Polman is ready for her comeback. It must be ensured that she really is physically ready and that recurrent injuries can be, with high degree of certainty, be excluded. To have an objective and therefore better basis for this decision, Sven Köhler uses stappone as an innovative MedTech tool for analysis and treatment. The intelligent sensor soles and the correspondent medical software permit targeted and highly effective training.

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