stapp one event summary: The first online live expert talk in cooperation with Takeda

On April 23rd, 2022 the first stappone hybrid live event, “Online Expert-Talk: The new prevention and rehabilitation in hemophilia“, took place in cooperation with Takeda. The expert panel included hemato-oncologist Dr. Siegfried Sormann, physiotherapist Jürgen Ableitner and hemophilia patient Dr. Rene Hüttenbrenner. They provided insights into the pathology of hemophilia and physiotherapy using stappone sensor soles. Attendees had the opportunity to participate on site or online via live stream.

Bringing experts together

The venue for the first stappone event was the physiotherapy practice Competence in Motion in Graz (AUT). The event started at 14:30 with a short speech by stappone founder and CEO Peter Krimmer and Takeda’s Patient Advocacy Manager, Bernadette Keusch followed by Dr. Siegfried Sormann, hemato-oncologist who gave a short presentation on interesting preventive measures for hemophilia: “Hemophilia is a disease characterized by an increased bleeding tendency. The joints are particularly affected by this bleeding risk. That means patients have recurrent episodes of joint bleeding throughout their lives and this subsequently leads to damage in the joints.” Here you can find the entire lecture.

In the second part of the event, physiotherapist Jürgen Ableitner (Competence in Motion) spoke about the general application of stappone sensor sole technology in physiotherapy as well as the use in treating hemophilia patients. One of them is Dr. Hüttenbrenner, who underwent an ankle transplantation. During the rehabilitation process the stappone sensor soles provided important services. Dr. Hüttenbrenner was able to correct his foot pressure load at any time and relearn the correct body feeling with the sole’s live biofeedback. Thanks to stapp one, Ableitner was able to objectively track and present the progress of therapy as well as gait analyses.

Experience physiotherapy with stappone live

In the third part of the event, we moved on to the actual practice. Jürgen Ableitner held a short physiotherapy session with Dr. Hüttenbrenner using the stappone sensor soles. At the beginning, a gait analysis was performed with stappone and then the resulting objective data was discussed. Live exercises were performed, where the participants and of course the patient could experience the visual live biofeedback in real time. stappone’s colorful and easy-to-understand load pattern (heatmap), which the patients also follow during training, attracted particular interest and attention (starting at minute 26:09 in our video).

The event ended with an insightful Q&A.

On behalf of stappone, we would like to thank all guests and participants, as well as our cooperation partner Takeda, and look forward to seeing you next time!

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