Real movement data
with innovative sensor sole technology

Use long-term data acquisition for scientific research purposes

The combination of acceleration and pressure measurements open up new possibilities

More than 10 years of fundamental research result in a textile pressure sensor in combination with an IMU (inertial measurement unit). The patented technology was designed for everyday use and is unique in its configuration worldwide.

  • stance
  • swing phase
  • cadence
  • ground contact time
  • gait cycle duration
  • stride
  • center of gravity (CoP)
  • up-rolling
  • pressure load
  • symmetry
  • distance
  • variability

Easily record long-time motion parameters with the stapp medical sensor sole. Completely mobile – indoor as well as outdoor!

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Medical Product
ISO 13485:2016
Austrian Innovations
Award 2019 Vlbg.
Made in Austria
with love

Complex data acquisition thanks to high-quality sensor technology

Available in 2 versions Version 1.0
(per pair)
Version 2.0
(per pair)
Textile pressure sensors 24 sensor fields 24 sensor fields
Sensor technology 2×3-axis accelerometer 4×6-axis IMU
(inertial measurement unit)
4×3-axis accelerometer
2×3-axis magnetometer
2×3-axis Gyroscope
Internal flash memory 4 MB 256 MB
Connection BLE 4.2 BLE 4.2
Battery (inductive charging) ~36 h ~36 h
Sleep mode
Recording frequency individually adjustable

Ready to go in a few seconds

1. Insert sensor soles

2. Connect to the stapp one software on a PC, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth

3. Movement data can be called up live and in a clear way

The stapp one research set for clinics & research

12 Paar Sensorsohlen Größe 36 - 47 stappone medical Set Klinik

The stapp one research set in a practical case includes:

  • Research set with 12 sensor soles (EU 36-47)
  • 24 integrated stapp one chargers (wireless energy transfer)
  • stapp one research software for Windows
  • Bluetooth adapter (USB)

stapp one research and development partners

Universität Innsbruck


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