6-minute walk test mandatory for rehabilitation patients starting 2024

6 minute gait analysis with stappone sensorsoles

The 6-minute walk test is one of the standard assessments in rehabilitation in the fields of cardiology as well as pulmonology and has now also found its way into neurology. This easy test becomes even more efficient with stappone sensor soles and generates additional data with little additional effort.

In rehabilitation, the 6-minute walk test is used as an endurance test, which is carried out at the beginning and end of rehabilitation to compare the parameters. This test has its origins in cardiology and pulmonology, as the focus is on endurance and performance. At the end of rehabilitation, it is checked whether and how much more distance the patient can cover in 6 minutes than before.

The 6-minute walk test is now also part of neurology, but until now it was not legally anchored in the service profile. According to the PVA’s new MLP 2.0, it will be mandatory as a standard assessment for all rehabilitation patients from 2024.

6-minute walk test more efficient than ever

With STAPPONE Medical you can carry out the 6-minute walk test easily and objectively. STAPPONE Medical consists of the intelligent stappone sensor insoles and the corresponding software. Patients simply wear stappone sensor insoles during the test and the software provides additional objective data on other spatial and temporal movement parameters, such as foot pressure load, stride length, center of gravity and cadence. stappone offers two in one: a gait test and at the same time objective gait analysis.

The resulting objective data can be compared with the help of the report that STAPPONE Medical creates for each assessment and provides a reliable basis for diagnosing and assessing the success of rehabilitation.

Mobile and cost-effective

Until now, a gait laboratory was indispensable for an objective gait analysis. This comes with high costs and is not flexible due to the fixed location. The stappone products offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative. All that is needed are the appropriate sensor soles, an end device (PC, laptop, smartphone) with the software and internet connection. This means that gait analyses can be carried out in any practice or clinic at any time – without a gait laboratory and even outdoors!


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