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More than 10 years of research has resulted in the world’s first unique textile pressure sensor technology – MADE IN AUSTRIA. Due to the high mechanical strain and constant load changes on the foot, conventional pressure sensor soles are of limited long-term use. Our full-surface, textile pressure sensors inside the sensor sole have durability that are 50 times longer compared to standard foil pressure sensors. Our patented technology is specifically designed for daily use gait analysis and partial weight-bearing training and provides valid measurements over long term periods.


Inertial measurement unit

In addition to pure foot pressure measurement, an inertial measuring unit provides additional critical measuring points resulting in a complete analysis. (IMU = inertial measurement unit) Acceleration sensors and position sensors provide information about many other bio-mechanical processes.


The three layers of the sensor sole are visible: Cover, textile sensors and the cork base with integrated battery and independent IQ AKA the brain

Durable textile pressure sensors: 24 sensor fields


4×6-axis IMU

4×3-axis acceleration

2×3-axis magnetometer

2×3-axis gyroscope

Internal memory storage: 256 MB

Connection: Bluetooth low Energy 4.2

Battery: 370mAh ~36 hours of use

Sample rates: 50-100Hz

Range: 10-20m

Content of the STAPPONE Rehab package: 2 sensor soles, charger, cables, app and quick start guide

Set: 1 pair of sensor soles (EU 36-47)

Chargers: 2x inShoe charger (wireless charging)

Connection cable: 2x USB-C to USB-A (1,5m)

Quick-Start Guide + manual

stappone suitcase with 12 pairs of sensor soles inside

Part of STAPPONE Medical & STAPPONE Physio

Set: 12 pai sensor soles (EU 36-47)

Chargers: 24 integrated chargers (wireless charging)

Medical adapter:

160W, extremely high efficient (Level VI)

Medical safety approved (2x MOPP)

Protection against: short circuit, overcharge, over voltage & over temperature

Connection type: robust Neutrik XLR adapter with bend protection and latching function

Bluetooth adapter incl. USB extension cordl (USB-A)

Certified medical device (Version Medical)


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