Long-term motion data for research

STAPPONE Research is the perfect system for clinics, universities and other research institutions that want to perform gait and motion analysis for research purposes.

STAPPONE Research is used:

  • In sports science
  • In clinical studies
  • For master theses & dissertations
  • For social & behavioral questions
  • In various research projects

What is STAPPONE Research?

STAPPONE Research is a mobile motion and gait analysis system and consists of our medically certified textile sensor insoles and the corresponding software. The sensor soles are used to measure the foot pressure load. This data is wirelessly transferred to the corresponding software via Bluetooth and displayed on a terminal device. Especially in research, objective data is particularly valuable. stappone sensor soles and the corresponding software offer the unique possibility to perform time-saving and objective motion analyses independent of location (gait labs). 

As an add-on, we also offer our partial weight-bearing app STAPPONE Rehab for flexible monitoring of load limits.

Ready to start in just a few seconds

1. Insert sensor sole

2. Connect to stappone software on computer or tablet via bluetooth

3. Live movement data, clear and easy to understand

Thumb presses on sensor sole and screen in background shows live biofeedback of pressure


    • Live-biofeedback
    • Gait parameters
    • Cyclogram
    • Centre of Pressure
    • Automated video synchronization

STAPPONE Research Advantages

Location Independent

Quick and efficient use is possible not only under laboratory conditions, but also outside laboratories.

Objective data (raw data)

You receive raw data easily to work with.

Easy use

The software is programmed in a user-friendly and intuitive way.

Quick set up

Since the sensor soles have a built-in battery and are connected to a terminal device via Bluetooth, it takes max. 5 min. to set up.

Variable sampling frequency

The sampling frequency can be set variably and can therefore be adapted to other systems.

Multi day recording

With the database you can quickly find the reports of the last movement analyses and compare the data.

Certified medical device

Certified according to MDD Medical device class 1

STAPPONE Research features

  • Wireless operation: Operate the sensor soles via Bluetooth from your computer or tablet – there is no additional device needed. Thanks to the integrated memory and battery, patients can move independently over an extended period of time.
  • Live-biofeedback through heatmap
  • Video synchronization: With the integrated camera of a tablet/laptop or an external USB camera, the movement sequence (live streaming) can be recorded and played again synchronously with the pressure-time diagram. In this way, the patient immediately recognizes any anomaly in their movement and foot pressure load.
  • Database for patients
  • Visualization of pressure distribution in real time
  • Live display of the COP (Centre of Pressure)
  • Video analysis
  • Gait analysis
  • pdf report
  • Export of raw data
  • Adjustable recording frequency up to 100 Hz
STAPPONE research suitcase with sensor soles

The STAPPONE Research product package:

  • Suitcase with integrated chargers
  • 12 pair sensor soles (size EU36-EU47), easy to disinfect for multiple use
  • STAPPONE Research Software for Windows 10
  • Bluetooth adapter (USB)
  • Medically certified device

Sensor technology

With 12 sensor fields per sole, the stappone sensor soles are optimally suited for precise recording of pressure distribution.

All sensor data can be easily and compatibly exported in CSV format.

  • CSV: Pressure sensor
  • Access to all sensor fields


  • Access to 3-axis accelerometer
  • Access to 3-axis Gyroskop
  • Access to 3-axis Magnetometer

Technical Features

  • 12 sensor arrays per insole
  • Sampling frequency:      50Hz | 100Hz | 200Hz (selectable)
  • Range:                               0 – 130kg
  • Resolution:                       10 bit
  • 3 axis
  • Sampling frequency:      50Hz | 100Hz | 200Hz (selectable)
  • Range:                               up to X m/s²
  • Resolution:                       10 bit
  • 3 axis
  • Sampling frequency:      50Hz | 100Hz | 200Hz (selectable)
  • Range:                               up to X rad/s
  • Resolution:                       10 bit
  • 3 axis
  • Sampling frequency:      50Hz | 100Hz | 200Hz (selectable)
  • Range:                               0 – X T
  • Resolution:                       10 bit

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