Digital Health Promotion in Schools

Die Jugendlichen machten Fitnesstests, wo sie währenddessen die STAPPONE Medical Sensorsohlen an hatten, die verschiedenste Daten sammelten.


In an exciting collaboration, Stappone and FH St. Pölten initiated a project focused on digital health promotion in schools. The project aimed to utilize Stappone sensor insoles to identify movement problems in adolescents early on and implement preventive measures.

Prevention through Technology

Physical inactivity and associated musculoskeletal issues are growing concerns among adolescents. Early prevention is crucial in this regard. Studies demonstrate that promoting physical activity at a young age can significantly impact the prevention of joint changes and arthritis. In this context, digital technologies are increasingly important for analyzing movement patterns and developing preventive measures.


Project Objective: Early Detection and Prevention

The project aimed to identify movement abnormalities in adolescents and implement preventive measures. By employing Stappone sensor insoles, movement data were collected and analyzed to identify potential risks for musculoskeletal problems at an early stage.


Results and Challenges

The results of the fitness tests revealed interesting findings: While the majority of participants achieved above-average results in the 2-minute walk test, they scored below the median value of reference data in the 1-minute sit-to-stand and 10x5m shuttle run tests. These differences could be attributed to various factors such as musculoskeletal or cardiovascular deficits, lack of motivation, or individual developmental stages. Particularly noteworthy are the physical activity recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) for children and adolescents, yet few participants reported engaging in sufficient physical activity.


Individual Evaluation for Preventive Measures

Students underwent various movement tests while their loading patterns were captured with Stappone sensor insoles. Based on this data, individual evaluations were conducted. All participants received a tailored assessment of their loading patterns. Based on this, individual recommendations for healthy physical activity promotion can be provided by physicians and therapists to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems.


A Step Towards a Healthier Future

The project by Stappone and FH St. Pölten impressively demonstrates the potential of digital technologies for health promotion. Through early detection and preventive measures, risks for musculoskeletal problems can be reduced, contributing to improved quality of life in the long term. The results underscore the complexity of challenges in health promotion and highlight the importance of continuing to invest in innovative solutions and research for the next generation.


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