STAPPONE Rehab after Hip Surgery


Patient mit STAPPONE Rehab


STAPPONE Rehab after Hip Surgery

We have talked with a patient who underwent a knee total endoprosthesis (Knee-TEP) surgery in 2023 and a hip total endoprosthesis (Hip-TEP) in 2024 about his positive experiences with the stappone sensor insoles and the accompanying STAPPONE Rehab-App during his rehabilitation.

Enhanced Gait Analysis with stappone Sensorsoles

The use of stappone sensor insoles, which provide precise gait analysis, made the patient’s therapy more effective and personalized. The gait analysis delivered detailed data on load distribution, helping to tailor the rehabilitation program and evenly distribute the load. This personalized adjustment of the therapy helped the patient optimize his movements.

Rehabilitation Successes through Live Biofeedback

A major advantage of the stappone sensor insoles was the live biofeedback. This allowed him to make real-time corrections to his gait and improve his gait symmetry. The immediate feedback helped him adjust his movements instantly, leading to a faster and more effective rehabilitation.

The patient used the sensor insoles and the STAPPONE Rehab app not only during treadmill therapy but also while walking outdoors. He was particularly impressed with the visual feedback and the ease of use of the insoles. This comprehensive support provided him with confidence and motivation throughout the rehabilitation phase, ultimately contributing to a successful recovery.

Overall, the stappone sensor insoles and the STAPPONE Rehab app were crucial factors in the patient’s effective and targeted rehabilitation.

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