Sensor soles in neurology: stappone at the DGN-Congress 2023

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Neurological diseases often influence gait and human movement in general. Changes in motor skills can be observed especially in diseases like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. At the  DGN-Kongress 2023, stappone was a pioneer – offering motion analysis in the field of neurology and experts showed great interest. At the DGN-Kongress 2023 experts showed great interest in stappone’s pioneering offering of motion analysis in the field of neurology.

From November 8th to 11th 2023 the 96th Congress of the German Neurological Society took place in Berlin where stappone was taking part as an exhibitor. stappone products offer innovative gait and movement analysis for the rehabilitation sector, and the gait parameters they provide are also very relevant for neurological issues.

stappone am DGN Kongress 2023

Objective movement parameters for neurology

One major focus of the congress was Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, two diseases that have an impact on patients’ motor skills. Multiple sclerosis, for example, results in reduced walking speed, shortened stride length and/or an increased time of the double stance phase. These gait parameters can be objectively recorded with STAPPONE Medical or STAPPONE Research.

This is also a promising application for Parkinson’s disease. At the congress, interesting discussions with experts were held about possible early detection of Parkinson’s using the objective gait parameters of the stappone products.

Flexible use without a laboratory

Due to STAPPONE Medical’s and STAPPONE Research’s easy and quick application the products are very attractive for the neurological field. They consist of the intelligent stappone sensor insoles and the corresponding software. The insoles are simply inserted into comfortable shoes (e.g. sports shoes) and measure the foot pressure load as well as other relevant movement parameters of the patient, such as stride length, cadence, stance phase and swing phase. This can even be done at the patient’s home and in everyday situations, as with stappone a gait laboratory becomes obsolete.

Regarding the products, stappone clearly had a unique selling point at the DGN Congress and was therefore able to generate some promising leads. Especially experts from the research sector showed genuine interest is the stappone products.

We at stappone are pleased to be able to support research and offer affordable, effective products.

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