Device for the correct partial weight-bearing

You have been prescribed partial weight-bearing after a surgery, fracture or injury to the hip, knee, or lower extremities, and you don’t know how to stay within the load limit? With our product STAPPONE Rehab you have a smart device for the correct partial weight-bearing. This way you can shorten the rehabilitation time by up to 25%.


Correct partial weight-bearing with stappone sensor soles


What does partial weight-bearing mean?

With partial weight-bearing, the injured side of the lower extremities (hip/legs/feet) is loaded with only 30-50% of the own body weight rather than the full weight. Less pressure load is better for bones, muscles and joints as well as implants, and tendons can be supplied with blood. This shortens the healing process.


What is STAPPONE Rehab?

The STAPPONE Rehab product consists of the smart sensor soles and the corresponding app. The sensor soles are inserted into comfortable shoes and connected to the app on the smartphone via Bluetooth. The patient sets the prescribed load limit and receives an acoustic, visual, or haptic signal in case of overload or underload. By correctly adhering to the load limits, the patient’s rehabilitation is shortened by up to 25%.


Possible indications for partial weight-bearing:

  • Injuries of the syndesmosis (in calves or shins)
  • Meniscus sutures (torn meniscus)
  • Multiligamentous knee injuries (e.g. cruciate ligament rupture)
  • Tibial plateau fractures/screws
  • Realignment osteotomies (correction of the leg axis)
  • Fractures of the upper ankle joint (depending on severity) (fracture of the ankle joint)
  • Conservatively treated femoral neck fractures
  • Complex foot reconstructions
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Mb Perthes (children)
  • Conservatively treated fractures of the entire lower extremity


How does partial weight-bearing work in everyday life?

Until now, partial weight-bearing could only be practiced with the help of an analog scale at the physiotherapist’s office or at home. Many patients are afraid of doing something wrong and therefore put too little weight on the injured leg. This is suboptimal for the healing process. With STAPPONE Rehab it is now possible to always stay within the load limit, even during dynamic movements in everyday life.


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