How important is video analysis in gait diagnostics?

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In orthopaedics and physiotherapy, gait analysis is an important assessment because it can indicate incorrect pressure load and diseases. It often happens that the actual pain has a different biomechanical cause. The famous gait diagnostician Kirsten Götz-Neumann knows: Video analysis and live biofeedback can be used to precisely determine where the pain comes from.

For medical diagnosis it is very important to see the patient walking. Outdated methods, such as examination while lying down without any digital aids, are still standard practice for many orthopaedics and physiotherapists. However, these often only show isolated symptoms.

Gait diagnostician Kirsten Götz-Neumann emphasizes the importance of feedback analysis: “I need the patient’s insight, their own experience, and through video feedback analysis they have the opportunity to realize – oh, I didn’t know that my heel stays down, I didn’t know that I’m actually walking backwards. “

Video analysis and live biofeedback

In addition to video analysis, visual live biofeedback is valuable and effective. With STAPPONE Physio, both are possible at the same time. The medically certified product consists of the intelligent stappone sensor soles and the corresponding software for tablet or computer. The sensor soles measure the patient’s foot pressure load while the software provides visual live biofeedback on an end device as well as objective data on other gait parameters such as step length and cadence. Gait analyses can therefore be performed objectively. With the help of the built-in camera or a webcam, walking can also be recorded and saved simultaneously.

STAPPONE Physio combines two of Kirsten Götz-Neumann’s important points: Video analysis and live biofeedback. In this way, the patient receives comprehensive feedback for their understanding. Incorrect walking can be precisely corrected immediately after the analysis using the live biofeedback.

Correct walking starts in the head: “If I can’t see my legs, if I don’t recognize that, for example, at a very important moment for walking, the heel doesn’t lift off but stays down, how can I change that? I need the insight, the experience of the patient.“ says Kirsten Götz-Neumann.

With the help of the reports that STAPPONE Physio generates after each assessment, it is also possible to objectively monitor the progress of the therapy.

Finding the real cause

STAPPONE Physio’s objective accuracy helps to find the true cause of the problem. “Where it hurts you often do not find the biomechanical cause. Yes, the knee joint is affected in some way, but it is controlled by many other parts of the body. And if only the knee joint is examined and treated, although the biomechanical cause comes from somewhere else, for example from the hip, you don’t have to be surprised that the patient doesn’t get anywhere. “

The stappone products support orthopaedists and physiotherapists in an objective diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. Do you have questions about the product? Please contact us! We are always at your disposal.



Source: SWR Wissen Beitrag: Den richtigen Gang wählen., last access: 28.6.2023


Do you have any questions about STAPPONE Physio? Contact us! We are always at your disposal.

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