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stappone Team at a trade show

Experience our gait analysis and partial weight-bearing systems live on the following dates:

January 12th -14th 2023, Berliner Arthroskopie Symposium, Oberwiesenthal

March 1st -3rd 2023, Gamma Kongress,  Heidelberg

May 4th -6th 2023, Therapie Leipzig, Leipzig

May 12th -13th 2023, Berliner Knorpelsymposium, Berlin

May 17th-20th 2023, GIZ Sommer Sport Physio Tage, Obertraun GIZ-Fokus | Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit

June 15th -17th 2023, GOTS, Luxemburg

September 13th-16th 2023, Rehacare International, Düsseldorf

September 30th 2023, 13th Symposium Sportärztezeitung, Pforzheim

October 24th-27th 2023, DKOU, Berlin

November 3rd-04th 2023, Gamma Workshop, St. Pölten

November 13th-16th 2023, Medica, Düsseldorf

November 17th-18th 2023, DKG Essen, Essen

November 17th-18th 2023, ÖGPMR, Vienna Jahrestagung ÖGPMR 2023 – ÖGPMR (





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