How to treat and prevent osteoarthritis?

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Stiff and painful joints can be a typical sign of osteoarthritis. Knee and hip joints are most commonly affected, but it can also occur in fingers and vertebral joints. Osteoarthritis usually develops gradually, over many years – as in the case of patient Martin G.. But what really helps against osteoarthritis? STAPPONE Rehab offers a revolutionary treatment.

In osteoarthritis, the cartilage layer covering the ends of the bones in the joint becomes thinner and rougher. This causes joint pain, which unfortunately leads patients to use their affected joint less or not at all. However, immobility worsens osteoarthritis while the best treatment is exercise. Cartilage can be repaired to a certain extent by its own cells. These cells are stimulated by movement.

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A common cause of osteoarthritis is simply old age and results from natural wear and tear on the joints. In Martin G.’s case, the osteoarthrosis emerged gradually after a rupture of the cruciate ligament years ago. Knee pain and lower back pain resulting from the incorrect load were the consequences. The physiotherapist and stappone patient expert Jakob Schmidrathner therefore recommended STAPPONE Rehab, which Martin G. has been using for physiotherapeutic exercises for two months now.

Intelligent sensor soles to treat osteoarthritis

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STAPPONE Rehab consists of the intelligent stappone sensor soles and the corresponding app. The soles are simply inserted into comfortable shoes (e.g. sports shoes) and measure the patient’s foot pressure load. The app displays a visual live biofeedback of the foot pressure load. This allows Martin G. to recognize his load and correct it without the help of a physiotherapist.

“A big plus of STAPPONE Rehab is that it has increased my awareness of how poorly I actually was doing the exercises due to my unbalanced position. I was able to perform the exercises much more efficiently and correctly. I realized that I have to do the exercises very differently than I thought I should. Now I do them much more accurately and, I’m also more concentrated. “

After just two months of use, Martin G. has noticed changes.

“I’ve noticed that I’m distributing my weight much more evenly and my lower back pain is gone.”

By doing the exercises correctly, his swelling in his knee has also gone down, as well as the pain. Of course, this also increases his motivation to go on with the exercises using STAPPONE Rehab.

We at stappone are happy about this positive report, as it is a great concern for us to be able to help patients with our product!

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