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Partial weight bearing training
for patients
at home

Intelligent Gait Training

Intelligent Gait Training

Various studies show that most patients cannot properly replicate the prescribed partial weight bearing! The intelligent and wireless sensor soles record the foot pressure load while the feedback system stapp one REHAB APP provides visual, acoustic or haptic live biofeedback. In the app the minimum and maximum load limits prescribed by the doctor are set. If the patient does not comply with the specifications they receive direct feedback via bluetooth on their smartphone to ensure an optimal rehabilitation process.


  • After fractures of the lower extremity
  • After cartilage cell transplantation
  • After cruciate ligament surgery
  • After meniscus surgery
  • After knee and hip arthroplasty

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Ready to go in a few seconds

1. Insert sensor soles

2. Connect to the stapp one software on a PC, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth

3. Movement data can be called up live and in a clear way

stapp one Rehab App for your patients

  • 1 pair of medical sensor insoles in the selected size (EU 36-47)
  • 2 stapp one chargers (wireless power transfer)
  • stapp one Rehab App for Android
  • certified medical device

The everyday advantages for medical practices


Real time biofeedback of the dynamic foot pressure load.

More safety

Patients gain more confidence regarding load management in everyday situations.


Indoor or outdoor - can be used anywhere thanks to the integrated battery and memory.


High-tech, compact and integrated "shoe insert format" requires very little room space.

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