Partial weight-bearing management
for rent
  • Rent one pair of smart sensor soles incl. 2 chargers for the duration of your prescribed load management
  • Integrated battery – lasts fully charged min 24h STAPPONE Rehab App for smartphones
  • Video tutorial
  • Incl. standard shipping in Ö/D/CH (see additional information)
  • Incl. return label within Ö/D/CH (see additional information)
  • Support

599,- (inkl. MwSt.)

Information on insurance reimbursement: Compulsory insurance providers are in some cases reimbursing a certain part of the incurred costs – but there is no guarantee for that. In case the patient obtains a private insurance additionally to his compulsory insurance, it is possible to submit the expenses as well to the private insurance. Please, inform yourself in advance about the maximum reimbursement expenses of your contract.


stappone sensor soles have a slightly larger fit. It is therefore necessary to use shoes with a wider cut and removable inner soles or order a smaller size – for example a sports shoe.

2. STAPPONE Rehab is prescribed for the following period of time

The loan of STAPPONE Rehab ends at the end of the prescription period and the sensor soles incl. charger and connection cable must be returned to stAPPtronics GmbH within 14 days. If the treatment period is extended by your doctor, please contact us immediately and € 199,- will be charged. In case of premature termination of the loan refund is not possible. If the sensor soles are not returned within 14 days after the end of the prescription period, we will have to charge you an amount of €450,- and the sensor soles will then become your property.

3. Doctor’s name and surname

4. Resources needed

To calibrate the stappone sensor sole you need an analog scale. We provide analog scales for a rental fee of € 15 and you send it back together with the sensor soles after finishing your partial weight-bearing period.


The stappone sensor insole is a smart and durable insole equipped with high-quality and innovative sensor technology.

It is inserted directly into a comfortable shoe (e.g. sports shoe) and connected via Bluetooth to the STAPPONE Rehab app on a smartphone. With STAPPONE Rehab, you have the unique ability to track the load on your injured leg at any time.

The prescribed partial weight-bearing can be set directly in the app on the smartphone. Through visual, haptic, and acoustic live biofeedback, patients receive a signal in case of under- or overload. This enables them to stay within their load limits and therefore return to everyday and professional life more quickly.

The app requires a smartphone with the Android 7 or iOS 16.0 operating system or newer. Furthermore, an active internet and Bluetooth connection is mandatory during use.