Welcome to the stapp one team, Jakob Schmidrathner!

stappone has a new team member! From now on Jakob Schmidrathner  is our Patient Expert and therefore the professional link between the health sector and the digital world.

Jakob Schmidrathner is a practicing physiotherapist and studied Digital Healthcare at the UAS St. Pölten (AT). For his master’s thesis „Effects of real-time biofeedback regarding peak load on lower extremities in healthy individuals: a pilot study“ he successfully used STAPPONE Research as a measuring instrument. He soon saw its huge potential not only regarding research but also the field of rehabilitation and prevention. stappone sensor soles are simply inserted into comfortable shoes and measure the patient’s plantar pressure. The corresponding medical software provides a visual live biofeedback of the pressure distribution as well as objective data of other relevant pressure and gait parameters like cadence and stride length.

Innovations for the future

stappone is a strong advocate of digitalization in rehabilitation and is confident that STAPPONE Medical and the partial weight-bearing app STAPPONE Rehab will improve patient treatment in the future.

This vision is also the basis for the future stappone Academy with Patient Expert Jakob Schmidrathner as it’s head. Physiotherapists and doctors will learn how to professionally use stappone for motion and gait analysis.. When it comes to technical questions regarding the use of stappone, Jakob Schmidrathner will be the direct contact person for physiotherapists, doctors and podiatrists. Furthermore, he will co-conduct studies and speak at trade shows.

His motto: Don’t panic!

We are looking forward to a successful collaboration!

Do you have any questions about the use of stappone? Contact us! We are always at your disposal.

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