The Revolution of Rehab: stapp one sensor soles

After surgery rehabilitation is essential! Mobility is only regained through successful rehabilitation. Here, the intelligent stappone sensor soles are a valuable tool. They measure the foot pressure load and, with the corresponding rehab app, provide visual, acoustic or haptic live-biofeedback. The stappone solution offers unique possibilities, especially when it comes to load management.

To regain mobility after surgery on the lower extremities, such as the knee, rehabilitation is crucial. Performing the exercises accurately and correctly also plays an important role. However, patients often lack a frame of reference to be sure that they are performing the exercises correctly and overload their injury. Particularly after injuries and surgeries, patients are insecure and have not yet regained the correct body awareness. The live-biofeedback of the stappone sensor soles provides patients with essential confidence.

The future of Rehab in 3 steps

In most cases, surgeries or injuries require rehabilitation.

Step 1:

The rehabilitation starts right after the surgery in the hospital together with the hospital’s physiotherapist. He shows the patient how the prescribed load feels like and uses the stappone sensor soles and the corresponding STAPPONE Rehab app to train holding the respective load in everyday situations such as walking with crunches and taking the stairs. With stappone’s live-biofeedback the patient receives a real-time visualization of his movement and being alarmed when over- or underloading his injured leg.

Step 2:

In the second step, the patient is discharged. The treating physician prescribes the STAPPONE Rehab app for load management training at home. This is also reimbursable via private insurance.

Step 3:

The patient can now continue with their rehabilitation at home using the STAPPONE Rehab app.

Particularly in the case of load management rehabilitation, where patients have difficulties staying within the prescribed load range, as they do not know what a partial weight-bearing of 15 kg feels like. The patients put the stappone sensor soles in their shoes and on a smartphone they receive a visual, acoustic and/or haptic live-biofeedback. The live-biofeedback motivates the patient and provides self-confidence.

This process is accompanied with the STAPP ONE Medical l solution by an ambulant physiotherapist. On the one hand STAPP ONE Medical visualizes for the patient the status quo of his gait and rehabilitation progress, and on the other hand provides monitoring and a live-biofeedback training tool for the therapist.

Share and analyze reports

The training history can be saved and analyzed on both products, STAPP ONE Medical  and STAPPONE Rehab app. Reports from training at home can be shared or saved with the treating physician or therapist and discussed in the next session.

With stappone, the course of therapy becomes objectively visible and is documented. The smallest improvements are visualized, which has a motivating effect on the patients. This has been proven to increase patient motivation and accelerate recovery time.

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