The revolution of partial weight-bearing: final test run for STAPP ONE Rehab

At stappone, quality and usability are top priorities. The innovative app STAPPONE Rehab has already been thoroughly tested for several months in different trial runs. Now, after its soft launch, the app is in the final test run. In the future, patients prescribed partial weight-bearing as part of their therapy will benefit enormously from this medical app.

The future of partial weight-bearing training

Patients with injuries or after operations of the lower extremities are often prescribed partial weight-bearing training. During physiotherapeutic training and in everyday life they should only put a certain amount of pressure load on the affected leg. Especially when training at home, patients have difficulties to follow the instructions because it is impossible to feel how a pressure load of, for example, 20 kg feels like.

The app STAPPONE Rehab in combination with the stappone sensor soles is the innovative solution. The prescribed load limit can be easily set in the app, which provides visual, acoustic and haptic live biofeedback when the limit is not maintained. This allows precise and correct training, which has a positive effect on the healing process. This frame of reference increases the patient’s motivation and provides them with safety and confidence.

After each training session, STAPPONE Rehab creates a report that can be shared and discussed with your doctor or physiotherapist. These reports can also be used to objectively track therapy progress.

Quality first

The app STAPPONE Rehab has already been presented at several trade fairs with great success. Quality and usability are always top priorities at stappone. After several usability studies the app is now in the final test run. In cooperation with the UKH Klagenfurt (AUT), STAPPONE Rehab is prescribed to a target group of patients who use it for their rehabilitation training. Their valuable feedback is collected, processed and used for the improvement and adaptation of the app.

“We launched the fully functional STAPPONE Rehab app. Now, the feedback we’re getting from actual patients helps us to make the app as suitable as possible for everyday use. For example, we find out what features patients might need in addition. How do patients actually use our app in practice? We can learn a lot from this and incorporate it into the app,” explains Quality and Usability Engineer Anja Buchberger.

STAPPONE Rehab enables a new, more accurate way of rehabilitation training for faster and better recovery. We look forward to the hard launch in the next months.

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