Improved Foot Stability in a Scoliosis Patient with STAPPONE Rehab.

Improved foot stability in scoliosis patients with STAPPONE Rehab.

In our previous article, we introduced the potential applications of STAPPONE Rehab insoles for self-training in scoliosis. Now, let’s take a closer look at the impressive progress that patients can achieve over time using this technology.

Case Study and Objectives

Consider the case of a man born in 1992, diagnosed with thoracolumbar right convex scoliosis since childhood. Despite intensive physiotherapy and regular swimming, he continued to experience leg length discrepancy attributed to pelvic tilt.

His main goals with STAPPONE Rehab insoles were to enhance foot stability and train triple-point loading, both statically and dynamically. To monitor progress, various tests were conducted, including walking and balance tests, as well as analysis of pressure distribution during specific movements.

Utilizing STAPPONE Rehab in Training

STAPPONE Rehab offers a straightforward method to monitor individual training progress and optimize movements. Through a heatmap of plantar pressure distribution and the trajectory of the center of pressure, the patient received real-time biofeedback during exercises. This allowed him to refine his movements and gain better control over foot stability.

STAPPONE Rehab insoles were incorporated into his home training program, leading to accelerated progress. Overall, this patient’s experience illustrates the practical benefits of STAPPONE Rehab insoles.


This patient’s experience demonstrates the effectiveness of STAPPONE Rehab insoles and the accompanying app in supporting scoliosis treatments. By enabling exercises with live feedback outside therapy sessions, he was able to continuously enhance his foot stability and optimize his gait.

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