How to treat osteoarthritis? ORF “konkret” reports on the use of stapp one sensor soles

Hemarthrosis and osteoarthritis are painful joint diseases. In severe cases, even surgery is often necessary. However, with target-oriented therapies, pain can be significantly reduced and surgery may be avoided. As the ORF „konkret“ report will show, stappone sensor soles can provide valuable and important support in hemarthrosis and a osteoarthritis therapy.


In Austria, around 1.4 million people are affected by the joint disease osteoarthritis. One cause is wear-and-tear damage to the joint due to aging. The first symptoms, such as pain resulting from applied foot pressure, usually appear between the ages of 50 and 60. Incorrect pressure load can cause osteoarthritis even at an earlier age.


Hemarthrosis refers to the occurrence of bleeding in the joint. This can be the result of a traumatic injury but also of a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia. Hemophilia patients can have spontaneous bleedings caused by everyday movements without external influence, which results in severe pain.

Especially for osteoarthritis and hemarthrosis exercise therapy is essential. Correct pressure load is key in prevention as well as treatment. With the intelligent stappone sensor sole, patients can precisely and easily comply with load limits, both in the therapy session with the physiotherapist STAPPONE Medical and in everyday life STAPPONE Rehab. At the same time, physicians and physiotherapists can use STAPPONE Medical  for preventive care to detect incorrect pressure load and make it visible to patients.

Innovative therapy with stapp  one sensor soles

The intelligent stappone sensor sole is simply inserted into a comfortable shoe and measures the patient’s foot pressure load.

In doctors’ or physiotherapists’ practices, the medical software provides visual live biofeedback and objective data on relevant gait parameters on a PC or tablet.

With STAPPONE Medical, therapists have accurate and objective insights during training with their patients. Especially with osteoarthritis and hemarthrosis, it is important to avoid pressure overload. Load limits can be easily checked and corrected during the therapy session using the live biofeedback.

The STAPPONE Rehab in combination with the stappone sensor soles is used for training at home. Patients can perform physiotherapeutic exercises maintaining the prescribed load limits without the presence of a doctor or therapist. After setting the load limits in the app it provides visual and, if desired, also acoustic or haptic live biofeedback if the load limit is not maintained. STAPPONE Rehab is completely wireless and independent. For this reason it can also be used in everyday situations, e.g. when climbing stairs or walking outdoors on uneven ground.

stappone is therefore a perfect support treatment of osteoarthritis and hemarthrosis.

In the ORF „konkret“  report, which will be broadcast at the end of June, you will get an interesting insight into the use and functions of stappone on this special topic.


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