The advantages of stapp one sensor soles compared to force plates (1)


Analysis – Treatment – Analysis

The aim of stappone is to make movement and gait analyses fast, easy, efficient and cost effective. With stappone sensor soles, objective bio-mechanical parameters can now be collected and documented in a short time. Additionally, targeted therapeutic treatments can be set and viewed in the visually live bio-feedback mode. 

The advantages of the new stappone sensor soles compared to traditional force plates are many.

Large investments for private physiotherapy practices are not always possible. Force platforms or force plates for gait and movement analysis are expensive; costing up to 10,000 euros. 

But it is not only the price that prevents for offering gait analysis to patients, force plates have to be built into the floor and therefore need space and are very inflexible in their application. With smaller force plates you can measure ground reaction forces in great detail with a high sensor density. However, these have the disadvantage that you can only measure one step and patients often do not hit the force plate exactly when walking over it.

stappone mobile solution

With stappone physiotherapists have a mobile and affordable diagnostic and therapy device at hand!

• The sensor soles are wireless, completely mobile and can be used independently
• Record 10-meter walking tests or e.g. 6-minute walking tests
• Foot pressure load, rolling behavior or e.g. gait symmetry can be conveniently displayed
• Comprehensible summary reports for experts & patients
• Gait analysis and biofeedback training are possible with one system
• Increases the motivation and ‘fun factor’ of patients

Based on real movement data – barely detectable by the human eye – targeted patient therapy treatments are set, measured and monitored for success. The future of physiotherapy belongs to tech-based solutions! Start now!

Low-cost investment

With the stappone system you get a high-tech medical product which is offered at a fair price. Attractive leasing models especially designed for smaller physio practices helps getting started easy and affordable.  

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Emanuel Reiter, BSc.
Osteopath, Physiotherapeut

¹ Force platforms or force plates are measuring instruments that measure the ground reaction forces generated by a body standing on or moving across them, to quantify balance, gait and other parameters of biomechanics.


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