stapp one’s success in Las Vegas: Interview with Peter Krimmer about CES 2022

40,000 guests instead of 200,000, bluetooth problems in the exhibitor room and a trade show one day shorter than planned – nevertheless, the CES 2022 in Las Vegas was a great success for stappone. In this interview, stappone founder & CEO Peter Krimmer talks about 3 successful days at the trade show in America’s favorite desert city.

The new year started with one of the world’s biggest tech events – the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that took place from January 5 – 7, 2022. Due to Corona, only one-fifth of the expected guests showed up and many of the biggest exhibitors such as Google or Microsoft dropped out at short notice. Nevertheless many people interested in MedTech were present, who found the stapp one sensor sole one of the most innovative and interesting products. “The visitors were mainly specialists and we had enough time for many interesting business discussions.“ Peter Krimmer explains. stapp one traveled to Las Vegas with a team of three employees and was therefore able to cover any questions regarding the stapp one sensor soles, from software development to usability. 

A worldwide unique MedTech product

The CES trade show in Las Vegas was once again a confirmation for stapp one founder & CEO Peter Krimmer that his product is unique. “There is currently no comparable product worldwide. For us, this is a confirmation that we are on the right track.” The easy load management via foot pressure measurement opens up new treatment options for the medical sector in rehabilitation and also already in early detection of various diseases or indications.

The intelligent stapp one sensor sole is inserted into a comfortable shoe. The sole is connected to a terminal via Bluetooth and measures the foot pressure load of the patient as well as other parameters.

The latest product – the STAPP ONE Rehab app – was also presented at the CES trade show and generated a lot of interest amongst the visitors. The STAPP ONE Rehab app supports patients to maintain the prescribed partial weight-bearing during rehabilitation. Already on the first day after surgery, patients learn how the prescribed load limit feels and can start training. In combination with the stapp one sensor soles, patients can choose between visual, acoustic or haptic live-biofeedback on their smartphone via the smartphone app. This allows patients to check and correctly perform their physiotherapeutic exercises at home. This increases compliance and motivation.

Networking for an innovative future

Experts from the medical industry and research as well as buyers for joint prosthesis manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies from all over the world were very interested and praised the stapp one solutions. “We were very pleased with the positive feedback. Our product is not only of high quality but also easy to comprehend and use,” says Peter Krimmer.

The stapp one team is particularly happy about the hot leads that resulted from these interesting business talks. Even the founder of Fitbit stopped by the stapp one booth. 

With these positive experiences and impressions in mind, stapp one is now tackling the next projects. These include the Modern Trauma Care (MTC) trade show from February 24-26 in Vienna and a hybrid event planned for March in cooperation with the pharmaceutical company Takeda – more info coming soon! 

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