stappone takes a step towards robotic movement therapy

Many persons who use a wheelchair wish to be able to walk again. Step by step the stappone co-operation partner tech2people makes it possible. Robotic assisted movement therapy allows a step-by-step improvement of the patient’s mobility.

Since 2018, stappone cooperation partner tech2people has been making movement therapy with robotic support possible for patients with neurological disabilities, thus enabling an efficient form of therapy in which patient mobility is increased step by step.

The focus is here on the powered exoskeleton of tech2people. It can be worn over clothing and is battery operated. With this bionic suit persons who suffer from muscle weakness or paralyses of the lower extremities can stand up and walk again for the first time. Gait training with the exoskeleton is used with paraplegic patients or patients with neurological problems that are for example caused by a stroke.

stappone supports the new movement therapy analysing the gait pattern. First applications of the stappone sensor soles together with the exoskeleton were very promising. In this way, a live analysis of the movement data provided by the stappone sensor soles can be integrated into the movement therapy using an exoskeleton.

From pressure centers to gait symmetry, stappone supports any robotic analysis. At the same time stappone’s exact data helps with the further development of the exoskeleton.

We at stappone look always ahead. If you are a medical visionary too, we would be more than happy to get in touch with you!


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