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Partial weight-bearing is often very challenging for patients. The most important but also most difficult thing is to stay within the prescribed load limits. According to a study by the American Congress of Rehabilitation, acoustic feedback is the key to improve therapy – one of stappone’s new features!

Partial weight-bearing training plays an important role during rehabilitation after lower extremity surgery. However, patients have difficulties staying within the prescribed load limits, especially if the limits are low. ¹ The below scientific study investigates this fundamental problem.

The Study

The study Effectiveness of Audio Feedback for Partial Weight-Bearing in and Outside the Hospital: A Randomized Controlled Trial. examined the effectiveness of acoustic Live-Feedback during partial weight-bearing exercise. The participants were patients who had undergone total hip arthroplasty, and were divided into two groups. Both groups started partial weight-bearing training on the 7th day after surgery (+/-2) with one group training with acoustic Live-Feedback and the control group without.

The Outcome

The study provided enlightening results:

„When providing audio feedback, more patients were able to load their operated leg equal to the target load (P=.049). Also, fewer steps were above the target load (95% CI, −8.5 to −1.8; logged data; P=.003) when using audio feedback during PWB.“²

This shows a clear advantage for the group that trained with acoustic feedback. They were able to precisely stick to the load limits, which is crucial in partial weight-bearing training. At the same time, it was observed that patients who weren’t provided with audio feedback were unable to reproduce the prescribed load. Therefore, the authors of the study recommend using acoustic feedback throughout the entire rehabilitation period:

For correct loading of the lower limb it seems necessary that patients use an audio feedback device during the entire rehabilitation. In current clinical practice this might represent a logistical and financial problem. Hopefully, future technical developments will lead to easy-to-use, low-cost, and valid feedback devices.“³

The future is now! With our intelligent stappone sensor soles we offer the perfect feedback device.

The innovation of partial weight-bearing training

The intelligent stappone sensor sole offers unprecedented possibilities for rehabilitation training. Simply insert the soles into comfortable shoes to measure your patient’s foot pressure load. The correspondent medical software provides audio and/or haptic Live-Biofeedback in addition to visual Live-Biofeedback on a tablet or computer. Compared to pressure plates or bathroom scales, the smart stappone sensor soles are independent of location, easy to use and provide exact results.

The new stappone Rehab app for smartphones is currently being tested but soon patients will have the opportunity to train effectively and accurately on their own and even at home. In combination with the stappone sensor soles the stappone Rehab App provides visual, acoustic and/or haptic Live-Biofeedback. This allows patients to maintain to the correct pressure load throughout the whole rehabilitation period. Our medically certified products are flexibel in their use and therefore provide the solution to the logistical and financial challenges addressed in the study. stappone in fact offers a practical and cost-effective solution compared to laboratories and location-based tools.

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¹ Hurkmans, hery L. Et al. Effectiveness of Audio Feedback for Partial Weight-Bearing in and Outside the Hospital: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Archives of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation. Vol 93:4. 2012.

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