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As a physiotherapist, you want to offer your patients the best possible treatment. This includes “moving with the times” and making use of new medical innovations. That is also Christopher Böddeker’s approach, a BA Physiotherapist from Starnberg (DE). He now uses stappone in his practice called “PhysioSTA”.

In physiotherapy, the correct foot pressure load often plays a decisive role. An asymmetric distribution of the foot load leads to physical problems. During the rehabilitation phase after injuries or surgeries on the lower extremities, patients often learn incorrect movement patterns. These deficits are often not immediately visible. With stappone they can be treated efficiently and precisely in order to increase long-term well-being.

Extended Therapy

stapp one is an innovative tool that enables therapists to extend their therapeutic skills in their daily practice. The technology allows them to “see more” than with the naked eye and helps explain treatments to patients in a simple and understandable way. stappone ensures a holistic approach to treatment and is therefore a major step forward in this field.

German Physiotherapist Christopher Böddeker, BA, also believes in a holistic and innovative approach in the field of physiotherapy. In his practice PhysioSTA in Starnberg (DE) he wants to offer his patients exactly this added value that stappone offers. For example, Christopher Böddeker uses the intelligent sensor soles from stappone in therapy to treat newly operated knees and hips. He also uses stappone in the neurological field, especially for MS, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Even professional basketball players from the German Bundesliga benefit from stappone. Christopher Böddeker himself has many years of experience in orthopedics, surgery, neurology as well as in professional sports and therefore knows exactly what is important in therapy.

The stappone live biofeedback allows for precise corrections to the foot pressure load and the body’s center of gravity. Using the patient’s pressure data that is clearly visualized on a PC, tablet or a smartphone, Christopher Böddeker can immediately point out inappropriate biomechanic stress. He can also show and explain to his patients where their deficits are. With the Live Biofeedback patients also have the opportunity to correct themselves – a playful approach that motivates and inspires.

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