Technological highlights

Human movement is very complex. Thanks to stappone's sensor technology, analysis and evaluation has never been easier.

Foot pressure measurement

More than 10 years of research has resulted in the world’s first unique textile pressure sensor technology. Due to the high mechanical strain and constant load changes on the foot, conventional pressure sensor soles are of limited long-term use. Our full-surface, textile pressure sensors inside the sensor sole have durability that are 50 times longer compared to standard foil pressure sensors. Our patented technology is specifically designed for daily use and provide valid measurements over long term periods.

Inertial measurement unit

In addition to pure foot pressure measurement, an inertial measuring unit provides additional critical measuring points resulting in a complete analysis. (IMU = inertial measurement unit) Acceleration sensors and position sensors provide information about many other bio-mechanical processes.

Insole details
Textile pressure sensors 24 sensor fields
Sensor technology 4×6-axis IMU

4×3-axis acceleration

2×3-axis magnetometer

2×3-axis gyroscope

Internal memory storage 256 MB
Connection Bluetooth low energy 4.2
Battery ~36 hours of use

We meet the strictest regulatory requirements:

ISO 13485 zertifiziert
Certified Medical Product

Software products for experts

Application stappone therapy stappone medical
stappone research
Quick installation & easy to use
Patient database
Live foot pressure & balance (CoP)
Automatic video synchronization
Motion analysis area
Optimized for assessments
PDF expertise report
Data transfer with the stappone health app (for patietns)
Raw data export CSV
Individually adjustable frequency


Expert analysis

Different assessments demand different reports. Reports can easily be created depending on tailored indications and questions. With stappone, scientific gait and movement parameters can be recorded on a daily, weekly or monthly basis:

  • Phases of gait symmetry
  • Phases of the foot pressure load
  • Phases of gait variability
  • Stance phase
  • Swing phase
  • Cadence
  • Ground contact time
  • Gait cycle duration
  • Step length
  • Center of gravity (CoP)
  • Foot roll behaviour
  • Pressure load
  • Symmetry
  • Walking speed
  • Gait variability

Understanding movement holistically - our goal!

Full focus on relevant gait and movement parameters

Movement analysis should only be evaluated by experts and incorporated into the overall anamnesis. With stappone we offer a very simple way to objectify human movement. We offer practical training by experts in the areas of gait and movement analysis, so our solutions are applied to patient use in the most optimal way with the best possible result. With the ultimate goal of making movement comprehensible as a whole and thus rehabilitating patients faster, which provides long-term well-being and freedom from pain.


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