Objective visualization of gait disorders with stapp one


An unsteady gait or a gait disorder can have a wide variety of causes and symptoms. Treatments usually start with a gait analysis assessed with a therapist’s naked eye. However, the human eye quickly reaches its limits. Gait analyses with stappone sensor soles help to quickly, objectively and accurately detect and determine abnormalities in the gait pattern. 

Reasons for gait disorders are as varied as their symptoms. For example, neurological diseases can be detected by their different gait patterns. However, there are also other reasons for gait disorders that do not have a neurological cause. In this case, it is also important to use a gait assessment to identify incorrect pressure load and deficits and subsequently define precise therapeutic interventions.

Prevent polyneuropathy

Polyneuropathy can be a reason for an unsteady gait pattern. People with this disease have many malfunctioning peripheral nerves. As a result they cannot feel exactly whether they are putting weight on the heel or the ball of the foot, which leads to balance problems. 

The intelligent stapp one sensor sole can effectively help in combination with gait analysis as well as in therapy. Simply insert the sole into a comfortable shoe and wirelessly measure the foot pressure load of patients. The corresponding medical software provides live-biofeedback on foot pressure load, body center of gravity and other relevant gait parameters in real-time. This allows gait analyses to be assessed objectively and accurately. With the live-biofeedback also patients themselves have the possibility to see exactly which part of the foot they are currently putting load on. This provides confidence  and motivation during training. In addition, stapp one prevents patients from internalizing abnormal gait patterns or relearning to walk incorrectly. 

Reducing the risk of falling 

Elderly people in particular have an unsteady gait due to illness, medication or dementia, and an increased risk of falling. The stapp one solution enables early detection of such gait disorders on the one hand and precise monitoring of their further progression on the other. Incorrect pressure load and deficits can be addressed individually to prevent possible falls. Every fall leads to significantly more insecurity when walking. This vicious circle can be broken with the help of stapp one.

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