New: stapp one workshop for physiotherapists

In cooperation with CIM (Competence In Motion), stappone is excited to announce the creation of our first training center that offers clinics, physiotherapists and interested experts the opportunity to attend a full day workshop entitled „Gait analysis: Analysis & Therapy of Pathological Gait Disorders.“

The “Competence In Motion“ physiotherapists are experts in the field of movement, gait analysis, running assessments, physiotherapy, sports science and osteopathy. Jürgen Ableitner, Daniel Taubenschmid and Emanuel Reiter have been using stapp one’s innovative technology system for analysis and biofeedback in their practice for quite some time now.

Due to their extensive use of the stapp one system, they have gained significant practical experience and are happy to share their know-how. Technological progress allows easy and efficient gait and movement analyses. Thanks to objective data, progress in therapy can now be illustrated and documented. Additionally, live biofeedback increases patient motivation – a crucial treatment factor that improves patient compliance and aids in achieving a faster recovery time.

We at stapp one, in partnership with „Competence in Motion,“ would like to share our combined experience by offering an advanced workshop training “Gait Analysis: Analysis & Therapy of Pathological Gait Disorders“.

Our training provides theoretical and evidence-based knowledge of gait analysis and includes practical examples of how to work with technical aids & the stapp one sensor soles in daily practice. We will also demonstrate how the stapp one solution can be used to apply objective findings productively to specific interventions and therapeutic exercises. With our live biofeedback, your patients can see their movement deficits in real time as well as document their therapy success. This has been proven to increase patient motivation and accelerate recovery time.

The workshop training covers the following topics:

  • An overview of gait phases and the most important functions for a physiological gait
  • Pathological gait abnormalities in the relevant joints
  • Analytical possibilities in gait analysis with the stapp one biofeedback system
  • Physiotherapeutic approaches to correct and eliminate abnormalities using stapp one technology

Upon request, workshops can also be offered on site in rehabilitation facilities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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