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Almost everyone has a stronger and a weaker side of their body. In physiotherapy, it is important to precisely and reliably recognize such limb laterality and start specific training. In everyday life, but  especially in sports, such lateral dominances can lead to injuries. However, with proper training those injuries could be avoided. The intelligent sensor soles from stappone are an effective supporting tool to detect, correct and train muscle imbalance.

In professional sports, as well as in amateur sports, health is the highest priority. In this context, injury prevention plays a decisive role. Muscles and tendons often do not equally adapt to biomechanic stress and as a consequence the body develops muscle imbalances. This is accompanied by a laterality, which can increase the risk of injury. It is important to recognize possible imbalances at an early stage and to specifically train them.

Quick and easy recognition of asymmetries

For analyzing lateral dominances the Limb Symmetry Index is commonly used. This index also determines the risk factor for injuries. For example, a mechanic and sensory dominance of more than 15% on one leg is already associated with an increased risk of injury during sports and physical activities. Therefore, early detection of asymmetries and preventing them with appropriate training programs is very important.

For that, the innovative stappone technology offers quick and easy support. The intelligent sensor soles measure foot pressure, body weight and many other parameters of your patients. The correspondent medical software gives live biofeedback during therapy that can be visualized on your tablet or computer. For example, it is possible to control and effectively correct the pressure distribution between the left and the right leg.

Evaluating the symmetry while standing, walking or running is now easier than ever. stappone provides all the required data in real time. This data can be recorded and gives the basis for objective comparison.

The live biofeedback also allows your patients to check or correct themselves during training. So the feeling of the correct pressure can be trained in a playful way.

Prevent laterality in sports and everyday life

Especially in winter sports, body mechanics and the sensory system are particularly stressed. An example would be skiing where constant weight shifts, high speed and rapid direction changes are performed. Here, a balanced relationship between both sides, left and right, is crucial for having a stable basis and lateral balance.

A balanced distribution of foot pressure is also decisive in everyday movements. Because “only a symmetrical and balanced interaction of the structures involved can ensure postural stabilization and thus a targeted execution of movement.”¹

The innovative technology of stappone is ideal for detecting and treating imbalances. It allows specific and effective training as well as rapid postural stabilization.


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¹ Raschner, Christian. 2018. Zur Bedeutung von Seitigkeiten der unteren Extremitäten bei Alltagsbewegungen und im Sport. Universität Innsbruck.


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