ADELI Rehab Center tests stapp one

The ADELI Medical Center is an international rehabilitation center serving patients from around the world. It specializes in neurological deficits and, in addition to adults, also works with affected children starting from birth. With stappone sensor soles, therapy will be more targeted and will lead to sustainable success.

The ADELI Medical Center was hit hard by the pandemic, as it had to close completely by mid-2021. Fortunately, at the last trade show before lockdown they were introduced to stappone and both parties could see the value in forming a partnership in the future: “The chemistry was right from the start,” says Stephan Sikora from the management of the ADELI Medical Center.

stappone sensor soles in physiotherapy

The product STAPPONE Medical for physiotherapy consists of the intelligent stappone sensor soles and the corresponding software. The soles are simply inserted into comfortable shoes and measure the patient’s foot pressure load. The corresponding software provides a visual live biofeedback on a tablet or computer. In this way, foot pressure load can be measured and monitored. In addition, therapists receive objective data on other relevant movement parameters, such as stride length, cadence or the body’s center of gravity.

Benefits for therapists and patients

Physiotherapist Lea Vidnansky has been using stappone during physiotherapeutic sessions for several weeks now: “I am very happy with the system. It’s well developed and very fast. Everything has worked perfectly.“

She mainly uses stappone for stroke patients because they usually distribute their weight on only one side of their body. With stappone patients themselves can monitor and manage their pressure load and relearn how the correct pressure on both sides feel: “With stappone, patients have a support, a frame of reference that helps them to better understand our instructions and what we want them to do. With the visual live biofeedback, they can even understand things that are difficult to explain.” says the physiotherapist.

stappone is also used at the ADELI Medical Center for patients with cerebral palsy. Here, STAPPONE Medical is particularly helpful to the therapists, because they can use it to see how and where the patients are putting pressure. “This way I can see exactly what I need to focus on and can correct them better,” explains Lea Vidnansky.

“Patients accept stappone very well because it’s a great support tool, I would definitely recommend it.”

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