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The stapp one sensorsole offers the perfect training feedback to improve body awareness and optimize client training performance

A new, innovative therapy tool for physiotherapists & trainer

Sensorsohlen Bewegungsanalyse

The stapp one sensorsole can be integrated into therapy sessions and provides valuable biofeedback. Due to its flexible usage, it can easily be placed in many comfortable shoes. The pressure and balance measurement data are wirelessly transferred to a screen or tablet in real time. Simultaneously, video recordings during the session can be synchronized including the recorded foot pressure, allowing recordings to be compared!

Sensorsohlen Bewegungsanalyse

Therapy applications with stapp one:

  • Targeted strength training – even with free weights
  • Postural control training
  • Sensomotoric movement exercises
  • Training for foot weakness
  • Uniform strengthening of the muscles
  • Coordination and flexibility exercises

Ready to go in a few seconds

1. Insert sensorsoles

2. Connect the stapp one Software via Bluetooth to your PC, tablet or smartphone

3. Live tracking of foot pressure load and body´s center of gravity

Three practical examples of application with stapp one

Optimization of the foot's rolling behavior

To create a physiological gait pattern, as much pressure as possible must be put on the forefoot during the last impression phase of the foot. With stapp one, a glance at the screen is enough to identify the pressure deficits during the exercise and thus optimize them.

Uniform strengthening of the muscles

To build up a full load on the knee joint, a squat is used to train in combination with the stapp one sensorsoles. During the exercise, the difference in pressure between an injured and healthy knee is illustrated on the screen by the color change in the printed image. The center of gravity can also be tracked in real time.

Targeted training of a physiological gait

With stapp one, targeted biofeedback exercises can be carried out that optimize the clients gait pattern. For example, with a tablet in hand, the weight transfer phase can be trained, visualized and therefore perfected in every exercise unit.

The stapp one therapy set for enhanced training performance

12 Paar Sensorsohlen Größe 36 - 47 stappone medical Set Klinik

The stapp one therapy set in a practical case includes:

  • Therapy set with 12 medical certified sensorsoles (EU 36-47)
  • 24 integrated stapp one chargers (wireless energy transfer)
  • stapp one therapy software for Windows
  • Bluetooth adapter (USB)
Certified Medical Product
ISO 13485:2016
Austrian innovations award 2019 vlbg.
Made in austria with love


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